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    Short Courses Web Programming using PHP/MySQL | Part 2
    Learn how to develop real world web applications with PHP using object oriented programming. This course focuses on how to build modular and practical web applications, building on the skills introduced in Web Programming with PHP/MySQL Part 1 and new skills such as application design patterns, database integrity, security and data validation. More Details
    Short Courses Web Programming using PHP/MySQL | Part 1
    This course is intended to enable those already familiar with HTML to build more powerful web solutions and advance to dynamic, database-enabled, website/intranet programming and applications using the popular PHP language. More Details
    Short Courses Web Authoring
    This course teaches the fundamental concepts in web site design, management and implementation using HTML 4/XHTML. It also provides an important foundation for students who may be interested in industry certification programmes or other web-based technologies such as PHP, XML and JavaScript. More Details
    Short Courses iOS Programming
    iOS Programming is for those who can already program in a language such as Java, C or C++ and can understand and implement Object Oriented programs. More Details
    Short Courses Access VBA Programming
    Access VBA Programming teaches in-depth Access VBA programming techniques that enable the developer to go beyond capabilities offered by basic Access usage and smooth out the rough edges that Access leaves behind. This fully hands-on course provides hundreds of example programs that you can modify and deploy in your own database work. More Details
    Short Courses C/C++ - Introduction to Programming Using C Part 1
    This hands-on introductory course is the first part of a study of the C/C++ family of languages, used to build most of the world's computing systems. Starting with programming basics, then focusing on applying programming practise into the C/C++ programming language. More Details
    Short Courses JavaScript 2: Advanced JavaScript for web sites and web applications
    This course will focus on advanced JavaScript notions such as patterns, libraries, local storage, variable scope, performance and best practices as well as on building more complex scripts and applications. More Details
    Short Courses Building MVC Web Apps in Java EE with Spring and Hibernate
    For students with a working knowledge of Java and of creating web pages using HTML. They will learn how to develop real world web applications with Java, using JSPs and Servlets, and understand fundamental JSP syntax. More Details
    Short Courses Introduction to functional programming using Scala
    An introduction to functional programming using Scala for developers with programming experience in Java More Details
    Short Courses .NET Object-Oriented Programming Using C#
    .NET Object-Oriented Programming using C# short course allows you to learn the fundamentals to design and implement programs on Microsoft's.NET platform. More Details
    Short Courses C/C++ - Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ | Part 2
    For those who can already program in a procedural language such as C (using control structures such as if, for, while, etc.), this course covers the fundamentals of the C++ programming language and shows how to program using object-oriented principles. More Details
    Short Courses ASP.NET: Web Applications with MVC and Entity Frameworks Using C#
    For students with knowledge of C# language (approximately 20 hours tuition), the module teaches the fundamentals of web development using ASP.NET and C#, with the aim to develop a database driven website. More Details
    Short Courses MS Access Database
    Microsoft Access short course teaches you the fundamentals of how to design and build databases; this fully hands-on course gives you an introduction to Access programming. More Details
    Short Courses Java 2: Object-Oriented Programming with Java | Part 2
    This course builds on Java 1: Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Part 1, introducing a wider range of classes from the Java language, put together in complex applications, e.g. multithreading in GUI applications using networking components to communicate with each other and download online resources, applying previously learnt programming constructs using design patterns that will be taught in the course. More Details
    Short Courses Advanced Web Interfaces with CSS3 and HTML5
    This short course teaches CSS theory and practical strategies for turning graphical mockups into functioning CSS-styled websites. It covers CSS2 and CSS3 on HTML 5. It is intended to fast-track learners who are confident with (X)HTML and have a basic knowledge of CSS. More Details
    Short Courses JavaScript 1: An Introduction to JavaScript Programming and DOM...
    An introduction to programming using JavaScript on HTML5, with focus on unobtrusive JavaScript and progressive enhancement. This course will teach you the best practices on DOM scripting. More Details
    Short Courses Java 1: Object-Oriented Programming with Java | Part 1
    This course teaches object-oriented programming skills using Java, the “learn-once, apply-anywhere” language; it also covers the most important classes and packages, error handling, and interaction using graphical user interfaces (an overview of Swing); participants are also taught to create JAR files for distributing their applications and how to write and embed applets. More Details
    Short Courses Game Development Using Unity 3D: An Introduction to Unity 3D
    An introductory practical course to teach the fundamentals of the Unity3D tool using C#. By the end of the course the students will know how to create a prototype playable game in Unity that will work on the web and standalone platforms. More Details
    Short Courses UNIX Tools and Shell Scripting
    For those already familiar with UNIX, this fast-paced course covers aspects of administration and the use of UNIX scripting tools to automate common tasks on a Solaris platform. Beginning with an revision of commonly used administrative commands, the course looks at the scripting tools such as bourne shell programming, awk and regular expressions. More Details
    Short Courses Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop
    This course provides hands-on training in the basics of Adobe Photoshop. Using Photoshop CS6 in hands-on, practical teaching sessions, you will develop skills for creating, manipulating and mixing images for such purposes as web pages, desktop publishing or digital art works. More Details

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