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Expert training for your needs

From study days to regular bespoke training specifically designed for your business needs, we provide unique, high quality training led by experts with decades of experience to meet all your requirements.

As an individual, our CPD courses can help advance your career and develop your skills and knowledge in a particular area. As an employer, arranging a course can result in major performance improvements across your organisation.

Some of our CPD courses are credited. These credits can be used towards a masters degree.

Funding may be available for individual studies. Please consult your line manager should you want further information regarding funding.

Credit bearing modules transferred to postgraduate programmes

Our accredited CPD health programmes are credit-bearing and may contribute to a university degree or award. On completion of your course, credits may be carried forward onto an applicable Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert), Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) or Master of Science (MSc) programme.

There is a maximum registration period of five years, therefore all credits must be awarded within five years of commencement of study in order to achieve a qualification.

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We also offer a range of unaccredited short courses in health.

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