Combining university study with paid work, business degree apprenticeships are an effective and affordable way to give employees the opportunity to gain a degree, while they receive job-specific training.

By supporting professional learning, tailored to your needs, you will give employees the competency to thrive and the ability to create value for your organisation.

City apprenticeships are effective as they are closely aligned with some of the most recognisable brands in the business as well as professional bodies and the public sector. Courses are created in partnership with businesses to understand their needs, meet objectives, have real-world applications and keep and attract talent.

Modern apprenticeships

City has the experience to manage apprenticeships and work to high apprenticeship standards, so you can remain focused on improving your business. When your employee starts an apprenticeship, you’ll have a strong partnership with City to develop staff through a work-based learning programme designed to fill high level skill gaps.

The dedicated apprenticeships team at City ensure you get the tailored support you need and will guide you on how to comply with and access levy funding. They will be a regular point of contact for progress reviews ensuring apprentice satisfaction.

Benefits to your businesses

Apprenticeships can have a huge positive impact on organisations and when you partner with City, you will work with us to develop your workforce. Apprenticeships give employees the opportunity to earn, gain professional accreditation and acquire the right expertise your organization needs.

The up-to-date skills apprentices learn as part of their course will help directly with the challenges in your workplace. You design a programme with City that trains apprentices to improve productivity and deliver high-quality products and services more effectively.

Expanding career-focused education for your employees means ongoing workforce development designed specifically for your objectives.

Guidance for employers about apprenticeships has been produced by the UK Government outlining why it is a high-quality and rigorous path for employees to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be successful in today’s global economy.

Leaders plan the apprenticeship programme to help widen participation and increase diversity at the university. In partnership with the employers, they recruit many apprentices who might otherwise not have the opportunity to study at this level.

For example, the law society promotes the level 7 solicitor apprenticeship route as a valuable alternative route into the industry.

– Ofsted 2021 City report

Why choose City?

Founded in 1894, City is a global university committed to academic excellence with a focus on business and the professions. Its rich experience has established it as a leader in education for the professional services.

City’s location and new buildings in the heart of London, close to the Square Mile, Tech City and in the design hub of Clerkenwell, is testament to its approach to working closely in partnership with business.

Apprenticeships at City include a high degree of employer participation and input, workplace coaching, and often employer data for real-world applications. Courses are developed bottom up in conjunction with business to be highly relevant and practical.

In partnership with City, we will support you with recruitment and finding funding for your workforce as well as ongoing assessment and progress reports.

Leaders have developed an apprenticeship programme that fulfils the requirements of the apprenticeship standards, and fits well with the university’s mission to provide ‘training for business and the professions’. Managers design courses that link strongly with employers’ requirements.

– Ofsted 2021 City report

How to get involved?

If you would like to make a step change in the quality of how you deliver knowledge and skills-based training in your workplace, add value to your organization, and retain and enhance your talent, the team at City are happy to look at your training needs.