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Research case studies

At City we’re proud of our history of world-leading research. These case studies demonstrate how research from our academic experts continues to have an impact on industry and society at large.

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Computer science and informatics
Reducing risk in critical computer-based systems by using assurance cases  
Software and the internet
Rolls-Royce, one of the world's largest manufacturers of aircraft engines, has received a boost to its business performance and the confidence of its engines - thanks to software developed by research from City University London.
Automotive and industrial manufacturing
Research from a City, University of London academic advised Sierra Leonean health care policy in the aftermath of the Ebola virus.
Health and social care
The UK's growing and rapidly ageing population is placing additional pressures on our health and social care system. Researchers at city, University of London’s School of Health Science investigate how technology can help maintain health and
Health and social care
Professor Stephen Robertson, Professor of Information Science, who has been with the University since 1978, developed the theory put into practice - within software - by Research Fellow Stephen Walker, who was at City from 1988 to 1998.
Software and the internet
Professor John Barbur and Dr Marisa Rodriguez-Carmona from the Division of Optometry and Visual Science in the School of Health Sciences, co-authored research into assessing the severity of colour vision lost, published in Aviation, Space and
Optometry and healthcare technologies
Computer science and informatics; Health
Does our visual system get it right – or does it exaggerate? What does this tell us about how we interpret what we see?
Optometry and healthcare technologies
Research undertaken at City University London has contributed to improvements in the treatment of detainees through influencing the legal framework and practices that govern detention. The work has led to courts and governments better respecting the
Law, justice and crime
Can uptake of a workplace training programme improve employees’ psychological health?
Health and social care
Research undertaken by City, University of London academics provides a framework for how governments, the insurance industry and development organisations can work together to mitigate the level of unprotected disaster risk.
Pensions and insurance