City is committed to creating a culture in which diversity and equality of opportunity are promoted actively and in which unlawful discrimination is not tolerated.

City is also committed to building and maintaining an environment which values the diversity of its students, staff and all its community.

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City launched its first ever Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in 2020. The strategy was developed over a year in consultation with a wide range of colleagues and students.

This enabling strategy sets out how we aspire to achieve real and lasting progress for diverse groups and individuals.

It also sets out City’s commitment and objectives for EDI and the necessary steps to ensure that all members of the City community have equal access to all opportunities.

It does not stand alone, and links closely with City’s Vision and Strategy 2026 and our five guiding Values, one of which is Diversity and Inclusion.

The implementation of the strategy will be underpinned by a delivery plan and our progress will be monitored by City’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Following over a year of consultation with a wide range of students and colleagues, I am delighted that we have launched City’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

A commitment to EDI is one of our core values and this strategy builds upon some of the great work taking place across City to advance EDI for our students and staff. I look forward to working together with students and colleagues across City to achieve the vision and aims set out in our strategy.

– Professor Zoe Radnor, Vice President (Strategy and Planning; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)

City is proud of its diverse student community

We publish our Staff and Student Equality Monitoring Report each year that details information on all students and staff at the University.

For student data, you can also review our student statistics, and to read about City’s commitments to widening access and supporting participation and success for underrepresented students in higher education, see City’s Access and Participation Plan.

Proud of our diverse staff community


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