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Meeting no. 296 - 19-09-20


Meeting to be held on Wednesday 16th September 2020 from 2pm to 4pm, via Microsoft Teams


Members are invited to raise questions of detail with the speakers specified for a paper ahead of the meeting with a view to improving the effectiveness of the meeting. Please notify the Governance team if you wish to star an item.

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Note: Papers marked 'Closed' are only accessible via a City, University of London staff log in.

Item numberTimePart One - Preliminary ItemsPaper1Main Speaker(s)
To note apologies received for the meeting.
*2 Highlighted Items
To agree the highlighted (*) items as the main items of business for the meeting2.
*3 Minutes
To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 8th July 2020.
*4 Matters Arising
To note the matters arising.
*5 Conflicts of Interest
To note any members’ conflicts of interest pertaining to this meeting’s business.
*6 Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
To note the terms of reference of Senate and the regulations relating to Senate.
*7 Items Specially Brought Forward by the Chair
To consider any issues brought forward by the Chair.
  Part Two – Major Items for Discussion  
*82.20pmEducational Offer and Student Experience 2020-21
To discuss the paper.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
*92.40pmQuality & Standards Contingency and Implementation Working Group Overview
To note the summary report.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
*103.00pmApproach to Policy and Regulatory updates
To note the summary paper.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
  Part Three – Items for information
Reference Items (supporting paperwork for item 8)
11 Student support for new academic year 2020-21: contacts and engagement
To note the paper.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
12 Student Inclusivity: Educational offer and broader student experience for 2020-21 in the context of Covid-19
To note the paper.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
13 Welcome Week and Induction 2020
To note the paper.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
14 Student Voice 2020/21
To note the paper.
ClosedDP&P / DSAS
  Part Four – Concluding Items  
*15 Freedom of Information Review
To identify any changes to the open/restricted/closed classification of papers from this meeting.
*16 Any Other Business
To note any other business.

Date of Next Meeting:

  • 8th October 2020 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm, via MS Teams.

Dr William Jordan, College Secretary William.Jordan@city.ac.uk

1City, University of London’s Publication Scheme, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, states that the
approved minutes of the meetings of Council and Senate are routinely published on the web. “Open” and “Restricted” Council papers,
with the exception of the minutes of sub-committees, will normally be made available on the Staff Hub following the discussion at the
Council meeting. “Open” Senate papers are published on the web and “Restricted” papers are also available to staff via the web using
a password. The agenda, papers and minutes for the other Committees of Council and Sub-Committees of Senate are not routinely
published on the web or Staff Hub, with the exception of the open minutes of Remuneration Committee which are published on the web.

The classification of papers as “Open”, “Restricted” and “Closed” has been determined in the light of the provision of the Freedom of
Information Act. “Open” papers will normally be made available to a member of the public lodging an FOI request. “Closed” papers will
not normally be made available. “Restricted” classifies a paper that is “Closed” but has been made available to staff. Staff should treat
“Restricted” papers as confidential and not share or discuss them with anyone other than City staff. The Committee may change the
classification of papers on the agenda at the meeting at which they are considered.

2Discussion will be limited to starred items only. Members are asked to give advance notice of a wish to star an item not starred on
this agenda. Recommendations included in papers not starred and thus not discussed will be taken as approved. Members are invited
to raise questions of detail with the speakers specified for a paper ahead of the meeting with a view to improving the effectiveness of the