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Meeting No.278


Agenda ItemDocument Title
Item 3Minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2016
Item 4 Matters Arising
Item 6Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
Item 8Senate Calendar
Item 9Students’ Union Standing Report
Item 10.2
Item 11
Item 12QAA Institutional Review and Action Plan Update (Closed)
Item 13
Item 14
Item 15Reports from Sub-Committees and Executive Advisory Committees (Closed)
Item 16NSS Milestones (Closed)
Item 17Teaching Excellence Framework Submission 2017 (Closed)
Item 18Undergraduate Annual Programme Evaluation – Strategic and Quality Overviews (Closed)
Item 19Research Students Who Teach Policy: Follow up Discussion (Closed)
Item 20
Item 21Possible Revisions to Ordinance C1: Composition of Senate
Item 22Improving the Effectiveness of Senate
Appendix 1: Minerva Report
Appendix 2a: The Effectiveness of Senate Papers
Appendix 2b: Contribution from Elected Senators on Improving Senate Effectiveness
Appendix 3: Council Effectiveness Review – Draft Implementation Plans
Item 23Prevent Briefing (Closed)
Item 24Collaborative Provision Register 2016/17
Item 25Institutional Monitoring Report: Annual Programme List 2016/17
Item 26Minutes for Information
To note minutes from the following meetings:
26.1 Council (Closed)
26.2 Senate Committees
26.2.1 Academic Governance Committee
26.2.2 Senate Research Ethics Committee
26.3 Executive Advisory Committees
26.3.1 Education & Student Committee
26.3.2 Research & Enterprise Committee
26.3.3 Graduate School Committee
Item 27Honorary Visiting Professors