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AIS Group Members

The Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AIS) research group is based within the Department of Computing in the School of Informatics at City, University of London.

AIS aims to provide a forum and mutually supportive environment to those interested in intelligent systems technologies and their application. The AIS group is therefore proud to draw its membership from across the School of Informatics, as well has outside it.

The coordinator of the AIS group is currently Peter Smith.

AIS Members within Informatics

NameEmail addressStatusDepartment

Academic Staff
Eduardo Lecturer/Co-ordinatorComputing
Darrell LecturerComputing
Maggie LecturerComputing
Andrew Science
Abdul LecturerCentre for Health Informatics
Peter LecturerComputing
Andrew LecturerComputing
Peter LecturerCentre for Health Informatics

Research Staff

Research Students
Marcus StudentComputing
Rafael StudentComputing
Michael StudentComputing
Chris StudentComputing
Reinhold StudentComputing
Peter StudentComputing
George StudentComputing
Tshiamo StudentComputing
Yun StudentComputing

External AIS Members

NameEmail addressStatusHome Institution
Celia Business School, City, University of London
Julie LecturerDepartment of Computing, Imperial College, London