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About City

Kiki Koutmeridou

PhD student

Department of Psychology

Memory Research Unit

E: Kiriaki.Koutmeridou.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: Cue processing in memory as discrimination

Supervisor: Dr Marie Poirier

Overview and research interests

Kiki's research examines several strategies that people develop while processing to-be-remembered material in the context of the memory as discrimination view. This view stresses the discriminative value of the retrieval cues and their ability to discriminate among competing targets. 

Her research has shown that the discriminative value of the cues also affects the way they are processed and the attention each one receives at the time of encoding as well as at the time of retrieval. The final study of her PhD managed to reveal those patterns with the use of an eye-tracker and support the previous behavioural findings.

In sum, people attend mostly to the cues that provide the most information about the target; cues that are uniquely associated with a target or cues that are distinctive. Also, based on the informative value of these cues people develop encoding strategies in an effort to increase the discrimination power of each cue. Overall, Kiki's results provide support to the memory as discrimination view while extending it further to the encoding and retrieval attentional processes.

Research interests

  • Working memory
  • Encoding and retrieval strategies
  • Memory as discrimination
  • Encoding-retrieval match
  • Distinctiveness
  • Attention

Kiki has an MSc in Neuroscience.


Book chapters

  • Koutmeridou K., Fowler J., & Poirier M. (2011). Response Strategies Challenge Memory as Discrimination Hypothesis. In: Kokinov, B., Karmiloff-Smith, A., Nersessian, N. J. (eds.) European Perspectives on Cognitive Science.

Journal articles

  • Poirier, M., Nairne, J.S., Morin, C., Zimmermann, F.G. S., Koutmeridou, K., Fowler, J. (2011). Memory as discrimination: A challenge to the encoding-retrieval match principle. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.
  • Fowler, J.C., Poirier, M., Koutmeridou, K., & Davelaar, E. J., (2010, Submitted). Discrimination problems in context dependent memory: evidence against encoding-retrieval match. Journal of Memory and Language.

Conference posters and presentations

  • Koutmeridou K. , Plamondon, A., Roy-Charland, A., & Poirier M. Distinctiveness and Memory as Discrimination; An eye-tracking study. Poster session presented at: 11th International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON XI); 2011 September; Palma, Mallorca, Spain
  • Koutmeridou K. & Poirier M. Distinctiveness and Memory; An encoding or retrieval process? Poster session presented at: 5th International Conference on Memory (ICOM); 2011 July 31st - August 5th; York, UK
  • Koutmeridou K., Fowler J., & Poirier M. The Discovery of Response Strategies Challenges the Memory-as-Discrimination Hypothesis. Poster session presented at: 51st Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society; 2010 November 18-21; St.Louis, Missouri.

Awards and grants

  • July 2011: EPS - Grindley Grant for conference Attendance. Grant of £500 to support attendance to ICON XI conference.
  • June 2011: Guarantors of Brain - Travel Grant. Grant of £500 to support attendance to ICON XI conference.


Kiki has taught on the following BSc Psychology modules:

  • PS2003 Cognitive psychology 2
  • PS1002 SPSS classes
  • PS2001 Research methods

She has also been a visiting lecturer at King's College, London and NHS-Sutton Hospital.

In February 2010, Kiki was nominated for a National Psychology Postgraduate Teaching Award Nomination. In June 2009, she was nominated for a Learning and teaching award at the City University London Student Voice Awards.