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About City

Department of Economics

City's Department of Economics is committed to excellence in research and education, with a strong research portfolio, highly-regarded undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, and a growing community of PhD students. It takes particular pride in a very strong graduate employment track record.

The department has developed wide-ranging but focused research programmes, with an emphasis on rigorous economic and econometric modelling. Among other topics, the research covers health economics, competition and regulation, financial economics, macroeconomics, the economics of migration and behavioural economics.

City, University of London is ranked 16th in the UK for Economics (QS World University Rankings 2019).


The department offers a range of courses at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research degree level.

See which course is right for you:



Research degrees

Applications for 2020/21 entry are open until the end of June 2020. Studentship opportunities are available. In order to be considered for a studentship, the application needs to be submitted by 20 January 2020. You can apply for both SASS and SeNSS studentships (subject to meeting the eligibility criteria). If you have any questions about the application process or studentships, please contact the Director of PhD Programme Dr Laura Delaney.

We have a wide-ranging but focused research programme with an emphasis on rigorous economic and econometric modelling as well as a concern for practical applications in both private and public sectors.

Our PhD students have access to training opportunities offered by the South East Network for Social Sciences (SeNSS) Doctoral Training Programme and can benefit from training provided by the School of Arts and Social Sciences and City Graduate School.


Research in the department is structured around six main research groups, including two Research Centers, however we cover a wider array of research topics.

Main Research Groups

Discussion Paper Series and Published Papers

Research Students

Research Seminar Series

Please click here for our upcoming seminars.

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2020-21 Autumn Term

8th October 2020 Assoc. Prof Levent Celik City, University of London TBA
15th October 2020 Dr. Arina Nikandrova City, University of London TBA
22nd October 2020 Dr. Alina Velias City, University of London TBA
28th October 2020 Assoc. Prof Selim Gulesci Trinity College Dublin TBA
4th November 2020 Assoc. Prof Simone Tonin University of Udine TBA
12th November 2020 Assoc. Prof Jonathan Newton Kyoto University TBA
18th November 2020 Assoc. Prof Soren Kristensen Imperial College Business School TBA
26th November 2020 Assoc. Prof Alice Mesnard City, University of London TBA
2nd December 2020 Prof. Johannes Hoerner Yale University TBA
10th December 2020 Dr. Alejandro Riano City, University of London TBA

Past events

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2019-20 Autumn Term

18 September 2019

The impact of restricting access to government cash assistance on the welfare receipt careers of newly-arrived migrants

Dr Anna Zhu (RMIT University, Melbourne) A214, College Building

19 September 2019

Promoting Best Practices in a Multitask Workplace: Experimental Evidence on Checklists

Professor Henry Schneider (Queens University Toronto)

D427, Rhind Building

25 September 2019

Expert Captured Democracies

Professor Jaideep Roy (University of Bath)

A214, College Building

02 October 2019

The shape of luck and competition in tournaments

Dr Mikhail Drugov (New Economic School, Moscow)

D427, Rhind Building

09 October 2019

On the Family Origins of Human Capital Formation: Evidence from Donor-Conceived Children

Professor Peter Lundborg (Lund University)

D112, Rhind Building

16 October 2019

Income inequality, mortgage debt and house prices

Dr Sevim Kosem (Bank of England)

D427, Rhind Building

23 October 2019

Multi-unit Bargaining and Posted Prices

Professor Angel Hernando-Veciana (Durham University)

D427, Rhind Building

06 November 2019

Economic Behavior of Information Acquisition: Impact on Peer Grading in MOOCs

Dr Dongyuan Zhan (University College London) D427, Rhind Building

13 November 2019

Quantifying the Effects of International Tax Reforms

Professor Farid Toubal (ENS Cashan, Paris) D427, Rhind Building
20 November 2019

The Multivariate Random Preference Estimator for Switching Multiple Price List Data

Dr Anna Conte (Sapienza University of Rome) D427, Rhind Building
27 November 2019

Skill of the Immigrants and Vote of the Natives: Immigration and Nationalism in European Elections 2007-2016

Dr Simone Moricconi (IÉSEG School of Management, Paris) D427, Rhind Building
04 December 2019 Dynamic Discrete-continuous choices: identification of time and risk preferences Dr Pasquale Schiraldi (London School of Economics) D427, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2019-20 Spring Term

22 January 2020


Dr Helen Solomon (University of Westminster) D427, Rhind Building

29 January 2020


Professor Alessandra Guariglia (Birmingham Business School)

D427, Rhind Building

05 February 2020


Professor Omer Moav (University of Warwick)

D427, Rhind Building

12 February 2020


Professor Roberto Weber (University of Zurich)

D113, Rhind Building

19 February 2019


Professor Katharine Rockett (University of Essex)

D427, Rhind Building

26 February 2020


Dr Andrew Rhodes (Toulouse School of Economics)

D427, Rhind Building

04 March 2020


Dr Roy Zilberman (University of Lancaster)

D427, Rhind Building

11 March 2020

TBC Dr Habiba Djebbari (Aix-Marseille University) D427, Rhind Building
18 March 2020 TBC Dr Soren Kristensen (Imperial College London) D427, Rhind Building
19 March 2019 TBC Professor Tommy Andersson (Lund University) D427, Rhind Building
25 March 2020 TBC Dr Kemal Ozbek (St Andrews University) D427, Rhind Building
01 April 2020 TBC Dr Marisa Miraldo (Imperial College London) D427, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2019-20 Summer Term

06 May 2020


Professor David Martimort (Paris School of Economics) AG01, College Building

13 May 2020


Dr Lorenzo Bastianello (Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas)

D427, Rhind Building

20 May 2020


Professor Miltos Makris (University of Kent)

D427, Rhind Building

27 May 2020


Professor Tong Li (Vanderbilt University)

D427, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2018-19 Spring Term

23rd January 2019

Spatial Competition and Negotiated Prices

Dr Howard Smith (University of Oxford) D427, Rhind Building

30th January 2019

Misallocation in the Market for Inputs: Enforcement and the Organization of Producation

Dr Johannes Boehm (SciencePo, Paris)

D427, Rhind Building

6th February 2019

Do recessions worsen babies’ health? A tale of siblings, maternal behaviour and selection

Dr Elisabetta De Cao (London School of Economics)

D427, Rhind Building

13th February 2019

Correlation, Communication and Delay in Dynamic Games

Dr David Rahman (University of Minnesota)

D111, Rhind Building

20th February 2019

Absolute Inter- and Intragenerational Mobility: the Role of Income Growth and Inequality

Dr Yonatan Berman (Paris School of Economics)

D427, Rhind Building

27th February 2019

Are Weak Ties Strong? How Information on Social Search Affects Job Finding – a Field Experiment

Dr Patrick Arni (University of Bristol)

D427, Rhind Building

6th March 2019

CEO Age and Organic Growth

Dr Davide Castellani (University of Reading)

D427, Rhind Building

13th March 2019

Financial Incentives and Prescribing Behaviour in Primary Care Dr Nils Gutacker (University of York) D427, Rhind Building

20th March 2019

Heterogeneity, Competitive Balance, and Affirmative Action in Contests Dr Subhasish M. Chowdhury (University of Bath) D427, Rhind Building
27th March 2019 The Long-Run Information Effect of Central Bank Communication Dr Stephen Hansen (University of Oxford) D427, Rhind Building
15th May 2019 On the Choice of Legal Standards: a Positive Theory for Comparative Analysis Professor Yannis Katsoulacos (Athens University of Economics and Business) D427, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2018-19 Autumn Term

26th September 2018 The transmission of partners’ mental health to individual life satisfaction: estimates from a longitudinal survey Dr Silvia Mendolia (University of Wollongong) D427, Rhind Building
3rd October 2018 Matching with single-peaked preferences Prof Sophie Bade (Royal Holloway, University of London) D427, Rhind Building
10th October 2018 Nonparametric Identification of First-Price Auction with Unobserved Competition: A Density Discontinuity Framework Prof Emmanuel Guerre (Queen Mary University of London) D427, Rhind Building
17th October 2018 When is Posted Pricing Near-Optimal? Dr Paul Duetting (LSE) D111, Rhind Building
24th October 2018 Sparse demand systems: corners and complements Dr Lars Nesheim (UCL) D427, Rhind Building
7th November 2018 Job Creation and Wages in Least Developed Countries: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africas Dr Ija Trapeznikova (Royal Holloway, University of London) D427, Rhind Building
14th November 2018 Price Setting on Peer-to-Peer Sharing Platforms Mr Peter Schmidt (Bocconi University) D427, Rhind Building
21st November 2018 Time varying cointegration and the UK Great Ratios Prof Simon Price (Essex Business School) D427, Rhind Building
28th November 2018 The exorbitant privilege of high tax countries Dr Vincent Vicard (University Paris-Dauphine) D427, Rhind Building
5th December 2018 What do almost 20 years of micro data and two crises say about the relationship betweencentral bank and interbank market liquidity? Evidence from Italy Dr Massimiliano Affinito (Bank of Italy) D427, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2018-19 Winter Term

31st January 2018 Refugee Resettlement Dr Alexander Teytelboym (University of Oxford) D112, Rhind Building
7th February 2018 Economic incentives, home production and gender norms Prof Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University of London) D112, Rhind Building
14th February 2018 The Hidden Side of Dynamic Pricing: evidence from the airline market Prof Claudio Piga (Keele University) D112, Rhind Building
21st February 2018 All Gone Belly Up. Immigration and the Rise in Caesarean Sections in the UK Prof Jonathan Wadsworth (Royal Holloway University of London) D427, Rhind Building
28th February 2018 Border Policies and Unauthorized Flows: Evidence from the Refugee Crisis in Europe Dr Francesco Fasani (Queen Mary University of London) D112, Rhind Building
7th March 2018 Twin Peaks Dr Alejandro Riano (University of Nottingham) D112, Rhind Building
14th March 2018 A fixed-effect panel data model with double endogeneity and cross-sectional dependence Dr Jia Chen (University of York) AG07B
21st March 2018 Semiparametric Estimation of Ascending Auctions Dr Sorawoot (Tang) Srisuma (University of Surrey) D112, Rhind Building
28th March 2018 Measuring Skill and Chance in Games Prof Jörg Oechssler (University of Heidelberg) D112, Rhind Building
4th April 2018 Bait and Ditch: Consumer Naïveté and Salesforce Incentives Dr Antonio Rosato (University of Cambridge) D427, Rhind Building
11th April 2018 The effect of parental language barriers on children’s health care utilisation Dr Nicole Black (Monash University) D112, Rhind Building
18th April 2018 Is love written in the stars? Beliefs in astrology and marriage outcomes Dr Francesca Cornaglia (Queen Mary University of London) D427, Rhind Building
25th April 2018 Expectations, conjectures and beliefs: The legacy of Marshall, Kahn and Keynes Prof Maria Cristina Marcuzzo (Sapienza, Università di Roma) D427, Rhind Building
9th May 2018 Local Product Space and Firm Level Churning in Exported Products Prof Flora Bellone (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis) D427, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2017-18: Autumn Term

Date Title Speaker Venue
4 October 2017 From Final Goods to Inputs: the Protectionist Effect of Rules of Origin Professor Paola Conconi (Université Libre de Bruxelles) DLG09
Rhind Building
11 October 2017 Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China Dr Marlon Seror (Paris School of Economics) DLG09, Rhind Building
18 October 2017 The Private Finance Initiative: Do we patch it up or tear it down? Dr Mark Hellowell (University of Edinburgh) DLG09, Rhind Building
25 October 2017 Unlawful media consumption: A controlled experiment with a representative sample Professor Daniel Zizzo (Newcastle University) DLG09, Rhind Building
1 November 2017 The Design of Teacher Assignment: Theory and Evidence Dr Julien Combe (University College London) DLG09, Rhind Building
8 November 2017 Financial Literacy Externalities Professor Michael Haliassos (Goethe University Frankfurt) D111, Rhind Building
15 November 2017 Unequal Productivity Gains in Urban China Professor Sylvie Démurger (CNRS, GATE-LSE) DLG09, Rhind Building
22 November 2017 The Spatial Impacts of a Massive Rail Disinvestment Program: The Beeching Axe Professor Steve Gibbons (LSE) DLG09, Rhind Building
13 December 2017             Strategising and attention in games Prof Giorgio Coricelli D111, Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2016-17: Spring Term

Date Title Speaker Venue
25 January 2017 Infant Health Care and Long-Term Outcomes Dr Aline Butikofer (Norwegian School of Economics) DLG19
Rhind Building
1 February 2017 Default Cycles Dr Wei Cui D221
Rhind Building
8 February 2017 The Innovation Dilemma: Uncertainty and Economic Policy Professor Yakov Ben-Haim (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) DLG19
Rhind Building
22 February 2017 'How Malleable Are Choice Brackets? The Case of Myopic Loss Aversion’ Dr Matthias Wibral, Maastricht University D221
Rhind Building
8 March 2017 Diasporas and Conflict Dr Marion Mercier (Université Catholique de Louvain) D221
Rhind Building
15 March 2017 Eliciting temptation and self-control through menu choices: a lab experiment Dr Severine Toussaert, LSE D221
Rhind Building 
22 March 2017 Religious Co-option in Autocracy: A Theory Inspired by History Professor Emmanuelle Auriol (Toulouse School of Economics) D221
Rhind Building
29 March 2017 Financial Complexity and Trade Dr Spyros Galanis, University of Southampton D221
Rhind Building 
26 April 2017 TBC Professor Renate Pieper (University of Graz) D104
Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2016-17: Autumn Term

Date Title Speaker Venue
28 September 2016 The Demand for Season of Birth Professor Climent Quintana-Domeque
(University of Oxford)
Rhind Building
5 October 2016 Team Stability and Performance: Evidence from Private Equity Professor Francesca Cornelli
(London Business School)
Rhind Building
12 October 2016 Surprised by the Gambler's and Hot Hand Fallacies? A Truth in the Law of Small Numbers (with Joshua Miller) Professor Adam Sanjurjo
(University of Alicante)
Rhind Building
19 October 2016 Using Minimum Wages to Identify the Labour Market Effects of Immigration Professor Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics) D220
Rhind Building
26 October 2016 Alcohol Tax Design Professor Rachel Griffith
(University of Manchester and Institute for Fiscal Studies)
Rhind Building
2 November 2016 Modern Family? Paternity Leave and Marital Stability Dr Daniel Avdic
(University of Duisburg-Essen)
Rhind Building
9 November 2016 Insurance Between Firms: The Role of Internal Labour Markets Dr Giacinta Cestone
(Cass Business School)
Rhind Building
23 November Survey Design and Forecast Accuracy Professor Raffaella Giacomini
Rhind Building 
30 November 2016 Learning about Job Search: A Field Experiment with Job Seekers in Germany Professor Steffen Altmann
(University of Copenhagen)
Rhind Building
7 December 2016

Cutthroats or Comrades: Information Sharing Among Competing Fund Managers

Dr Bernhard Ganglmair
(University of Texas at Dallas)
Rhind Building

Spring Evening Seminars in Sectoral Regulation and Competition 2015


29 January 2015 5:30-8:00

Energy Regulation since Privatization Tim Tutton (Imperial College) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
05 February 2015
Water Regulation Gordon Hughes (University of Edinburgh) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
12 February
Airport Regulation and Competition Ian Alexander (CEPA & CRRP Associate) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
19 February 2015
Broadcast Competition & Regulation Helen Weeds (University of Essex) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
26 February 2015
UK and International Regulatory Approaches to Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) - the Theory and Practice Ian Alexander (CEPA & CCRP Associate) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
05 March 2015
Rail Regulation John Larkinson (Office of Rail Regulation) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
12 March 2015
The UK's Concurrency Regime and the Use of Competition Powers by Sector Regulators Jon Stern (City, University of London) and Michael Grenfell (Competition and Markets Authority) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
19 March 2015
On the use of Economics in the UK Financial Regulation; Current Themes Peter Andrews (Financial Conduct Authority) DLG19, Social Sciences Building
26 March 2015
The Regulation of Medicines in the EU; a Networked Model Sir Kent Woods (European Medicines Agency) DLG19, Social Sciences Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2015-16: Autumn Term

Date Title Speaker Venue
30 September 2015 Was Sarbanes-Oxley Costly?
Evidence from Optimal Contracting on CEO Compensation
Professor Robert A. Miller
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Rhind Building
7 October 2015 Productivity and Wage Dispersion:
Heterogeneity or Misallocation?
Dr Jesper Bagger
(Royal Holloway, University of London)
Rhind Building
14 October 2015 Cognitive ability, character skills, and learning to
play equilibrium: A level-k analysis
Professor David Gill
(University of Oxford)
Rhind Building
21 October 2015 Corporate Policies with Temporary
and Permanent Shocks
Professor Sebastian Gryglewicz
(Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Rhind Building
28 October 2015 Financial crises in England over two centuries Professor Forrest Capie
(Cass Business School, City, University of London)
Rhind Building
11 November 2015 Unanimous Rules in the Laboratory Dr Aniol Llorente-Saguer
(Queen Mary University of London)
Rhind Building
25 November 2015
Multi-Variety Durable Good Monopoly:
A Revisited Coase Conjecture and Product Design
Dr Francesco Nava
(The London School of Economics and Political Science)
Rhind Building
2 December 2015
Competing for Loyalty:
The Dynamics of Rallying Support
Dr Santiago Oliveros
(University of Essex)
Room D220,
Rhind Building
9 December 2015

Short-term Migration, Rural Workfare Programs and Urban Labour Markets: Evidence from India

Professor Clément Imbert
(University of Warwick).
Room D220,
Rhind Building

Department of Economics Seminar Series 2014-15: Spring Term

Date Title Speaker Venue
4 March 2015
5:00 - 6:30
N/A Dr Pasquale Schiraldi
(London School of Economics)
Rhind Building
18 March 2015
5:00 - 6:30
The Long-Run Effects of the Scramble for Africa Dr Elias Papaioannou
(London Business School)
Rhind Building
25 March 2015
5:00 - 6:30
Roadblocks on the Road to Grandma's House:
Fertility Consequences of Delayed Retirement
Professor Erich Battistin
(Queen Mary University of London)
Rhind Building
8 April 2015
5:00 - 6:30
N/A Dr Pedro Mira
D111, Rhind Building
13 May 2015
5:00 - 6:30
In-Utero Social Interaction of Twins Dr Susumu Imai
(University of Technology Sydney)
College Building
3 June 2015
5:00 - 6:30
A Financial Conditions Index Using
Targeted Data Reduction
Professor Simon Price
(Bank of England)
College Building

Portrait of Alice Mesnard

Dr Alice Mesnard

Academic Staff

Here is a list of the academic staff who work in the Department of Economics. You can find out more about each member of staff, including their latest publications and their contact details by following the links below

Head of the Department Dr Spyros Galanis

Visiting, Honorary and Emeritus academic staff

Fellow Emeritus
Honorary appointment
Visiting Scholar
  • Pietro Vassallo, Visiting Scholar

Facilities & Resources

Bloomberg and Datastream

The department has a subscription to Bloomberg and Datastream, both of which are available in the Northampton Square Library.

Economics undergraduate and postgraduate students can obtain the Bloomberg certificate, a qualification which will assist you in the job market. The provision of these databases will also enable you to access a huge amount of up-to-date time series data on global equities, corporate and government bonds, credit default swaps, company data and Macroeconomic data on over 200 countries which can be used in your dissertation.

Anyone working in any part of the financial services sector - investment banking, hedge funds, compliance, regulation, etc. - must use the Bloomberg software on a daily basis. Demonstrating a familiarity with Bloomberg via the Bloomberg certificate will be a big advantage if you apply for a job in the financial sector.

Free online subscriptions to the Financial Times and the Economist & Handbooks in Economics

The Department has a full online subscription to Elsevier's extensive Handbooks in Economics series. (Current students can access the series via the Library website).

Free online subscriptions to the Financial Times and The Economist are also available.

All Economics undergraduates receive the FT, Economist and Handbooks in Economics

University-wide facilities

Economics Society

The Economics Society serves as a platform where students can speak about the beloved subject outside of the classroom setting. It doubles as a valuable means for students to network and build relationships with peers, department staff and prospective employers.

Graduate Prospects

How we help you with your career

Employment opportunities

There is a range of employment opportunities for economists in economic and management consultancies, multinationals, government agencies and in business and finance, particularly in the City of London.

Here's a selection of what our graduates are doing now

  • Operations Director, Petsy Mexico
  • Operational Governance Analyst, SagePay
  • Senior Associate, Deloitte
  • Policy Advisor, HM Treasury
  • Strategy and Finance Analyst, The Post Office
  • Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Risk Consultant, KPMG UK
  • Brand manager, AB restaurants, Kazakhstan
  • Financial Services Tax Associate, Grant Thornton UK
  • Audit Assistant, KPMG Kazakhstan
  • Business Analyst, Arthur.J Gallagher & Co
  • Transaction Services Associate, PWC Germany
  • M&A Advisory Analyst, Guy Carpenter
  • Assistant Economist, Department for Business Innovation and Skills
  • Sales Assistant, Morgan Stanley
  • Hedge Fund Accountant, Wells Fargo
  • Health Economist, University of Liverpool
  • Interest rate Trader, Morgan Stanley
  • Economist, Department of Transport
  • Data analyst, Abacus International
  • Human rights specialist, Alpha Bank
  • Research economist, Brava
  • Accountant, Confederation of British Industry
  • Market researcher, Deutsche Bank
  • Research executive, Eli-Lilly
  • Senior health economist, Fidelity
  • Senior health liaison manager, Gallaher Ltd
  • Project manager, IM Health
  • Commercialist, Johnson and Johnson
  • Health economy liaison manager, Kovis d.o.o

Alumni network

The University's Alumni network offers free and lifelong membership to all former students and staff of the University. Find out more about City's Alumni network.


Join the Department of Economics Alumni network on LinkedIn.

  • Postgraduate and Research enquiries t: +44 (0)20 7040 0249; +44 (0)20 7040 3721
    Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB