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About City

Shelly Gottfried

Department of International Politics

City Political Economy Research Centre

E: Shelly.gottfried.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: The emergence of the Israeli oligarchy and its role in Israel's relations with the global arena: a central actor but not a factor?

Supervisors: Dr Anastasia Nesvetailova and Dr Amnon Aran

Overview and research interests

Shelly's research examines the ascent of the Israeli oligarchy as an emergent form of the traditional state-business nexus. It looks at its consolidation as a focal institution in the domestic political economy and analyses its role in shaping Israel's model of capitalism. It thus accounts for the extent to which the oligarchy influences Israel's relations with the global arena.

Shelly has completed a BA in Economics and Philosophy and an MA in Philosophy, both from Tel-Aviv University, and an MA in European Economics and International Relations, from the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'.

Research interests:

  • Political economy
  • EU policies in the Mediterranean
  • The political-economic evolution of Israel
  • EU-Israel bilateral relations


Selected conference presentations

  • "The Israeli oligarchy and the EU". Israel and Europe: Mapping the Past, shaping the future; EAIS, Munich
  • "Internalisation of the EU in a national political economy - the case of Israel". New Frontiers in European Studies; University of Surrey
  • "Understanding the EU presence in the Mediterranean". Political Economy of Integration; Edinburgh
  • "Key points regarding the Varieties of Capitalism (VOC) approach and other models of capitalism to understanding capitalism and its types". A World Without Walls; Berlin
  • "Analysing the convergence of EU's economic strength into political influence". Transnational Regulation; Jerusalem


  • Theories of Global Politics (IP1011)
  • Contemporary Issues in Global Politics-20th Century (IP1003)
  • Contemporary Issues in Global Politics-21st Century(IP1004)