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About City

Juvaria Jafri Madani

Department: International Politics

Email (City email address): juvaria.jafri@city.ac.uk

PhD Title: Shadow financial citizenship and the political economy of inclusive finance in Pakistan


MS Social Sciences (Economics)                                              
Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

Honours Bachelor of Arts – (Specialist) Economics and Political Science                                      
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Overview and research interests:

My research interests include the role of finance in development strategies and my doctoral research examines the relationship between financial inclusion policies and financial citizenship. I am specifically interested in how products of inclusive finance, including micro-credit and mobile money, are designed especially for those who do not use mainstream banking institutions and how the market for financial services tends to be bifurcated as a result.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Anastasia Nesvetailova, Dr. Bobby Bannerjee

Research Interests: IPE, finance and growth, shadow banking, financial inclusion


Investing for Impact, Financing for Development. Fingeo Working Paper #14. 2018
Can the shadow economy undermine the effect of political stability on inflation? Empirical evidence. Journal of Applied Economics, 20(2), 395-420. 2017. Co-authored with Dr. Ummad Mazhar.
Uber in Pakistan: a lesson in the flaws of the sharing economy. October 31, 2016. The Conversation.

Conference presentations:

BISA 43rd Annual Conference, Bath, 13th - 15th June 2018. Investing for impact, financing for development.
IIPPE  8th Annual Conference in Political Economy, Berlin 13-15 September 2017. Market dualism, microfinance, and the contradictions of financial inclusion.
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London 29th August to 01st September, 2017. Brokerage, Rentierism, and the Dual Economy: When ‘Inclusion’ Drives Informality


SG1022 Producing Social Data (City University)
SG1021 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (City University)
LA100 History of Culture (Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan)