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About City

Dinara Pisareva

E: dinara.pisareva@city.ac.ukDinara Pisareva

PhD Title: External Authoritarian Promotion: The Case of Russia in Its Neighbourhood

Supervisors: Iosif Kovras, Anastasia Nesvetailova


2016 - Master of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland; 2014 – Bachelor of International Relations, KIMEP University, Kazakhstan.

Brief description of research topic

Over the past decade, world has witnessed a major ‘democratic rollback’ and consolidation of authoritarianism in several regions of the world which raises urgent questions about factors hindering democratisation. This project will make an original contribution to the growing debate on external factors in authoritarian promotion. It will explore Russia’s role as an anti-democratic actor in its immediate neighbourhood.

The main research question is to what extent does Vladimir Putin’s Russia act as an anti-democratic force in the former Soviet Union (FSU) by countering democratic developments and providing support for authoritarian actors.

Research Interests

  • Post-communist politics
  • Democratization
  • Russian foreign policy
  • Colour revolutions
  • Central Asia.

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given

  • Dinara Pisareva, Ukrainian Crisis 2014 And National Identification: Changing Attitudes Towards Integration, 'Post-communist transformations, models of development and implications for an emerging multi-order world’ Uptake Training School, University of Kent, January 15-22, 2017
  • Nygmet Ibadildin and Dinara Pisareva, Social Contract in Kazakhstan: Loyalty, Protests, and Regime Survival, KIMEP CSS Annual Conference, Uncertainty in Central Asia: Current Political, Economic, and Social Dynamics, May 16, 2016
  • Dinara Pisareva and Jiri Melich, Some factors in Mistreatment within Law Enforcement and Penitentiary Systems in Kazakhstan, IX Kimep International Research Conference, KIRC – 2012, Central Asia: Regionalization vs. Globalization, May 2012


  • Dinara Pisareva, “Building National Identity in Lebanon” Oriente-se! Vol. 1, no. 1
    (2016): 56-69.


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