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Library and Information Science

At City, University of London we offer cutting edge masters courses in Library Science and Information Science through our internationally renowned Library School, #citylis.

What is Library and Information Science?

Library and information science (LIS) is a long-standing academic discipline, with its own set of theories and perspectives. It focuses on the study of the communication chain of recorded information, and supports the practice of librarianship, information management, archiving and records management and other collection professions.

Although it makes full use of technology, LIS is rooted in the humanities and social sciences. Its origins are in bibliography, the attempt over several centuries to make published information organized and accessible, and in the documentation and special libraries movements of the early twentieth century, which sought to make specialised knowledge retrievable at a detailed level. It is therefore centred around an understanding of documents and the ways in which they are managed; particularly the new forms of digital and immersive documents now becoming available.

We follow the tradition of the British approach to information science, pioneered at City, University of London, which emphasizes a balance between the systems and user-centred approaches, and a particular concern for information provision for specialist subjects and user groups.

Our academic perspective on LIS is strongly influenced by Birger Hjørland's domain analysis and Luciano Floridi's philosophy of information. Professionally, we focus on the handling of new forms of documents, collections, and information spaces now emerging, and on the new library/information services which these make possible.

LIS overlaps with a number of adjacent disciplines, including computer science, information systems, human-computer interaction, digital humanities, information society studies, cultural policy, and publishing. The ability to work in these overlap areas is one of the most exciting aspects of LIS.

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