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Reports are coming in: A multidisciplinary study of the exceptional crime of mass murder in the UK

Athina’s research is concerned with the phenomenon of mass murder (or mass public shooting) in the United Kingdom. It aims to provide the first comprehensive analysis of the three key mass shootings that occurred in the country (Hungerford, 1987; Dunblane 1996; Cumbria, 2010) and of the alleged planning of a fourth for which a teenager stood trial twice in 2013 and 2014 before being eventually cleared.

The project examines the different aspects and elements of these ‘exceptional’ crimes and their impact, prior to the commission of the crime (offender’s history, circumstances and environment), during the commission of the crime (enabling / facilitating factors, emergency responses) and in its aftermath (mediatisation / news media construction of the event, official responses, community responses, coping strategies and legislative and policy changes). The study uses the sociological theory into the aetiology of rampage school shootings proposed by Newman et al (2004) and will attempt to develop and adapt it to events perpetrated by adults.

Student: Athina Caraba

More about this research

  • School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Topics: social-constructions-violence