The Awards celebrate exceptional academic achievement by School students, and outstanding enhancement of the student experience by its staff and student representatives.

By City Press Office (City Press Office), Published

The School of Health & Psychological Sciences Student Awards recognise exceptional levels of achievement obtained by students through their course of study at the School, as well as outstanding contributions from student representatives and School staff towards the enhancement of the student experience.

This year the awarding ceremony took place at City, University of London’s Northampton Suite, rounding off the School’s Summer Student Experience Committee Meeting.

A full list of all awardees for 2023 can be reviewed at the bottom of this article.

Staff Awards

This award category was presented to winning staff members who had been nominated for having gone above and beyond expectations, tirelessly working to improve the delivery of the student experience at the SHPS.

Cletus Amedu, Enhancement of Student Experience Award
Cletus Amedu, Enhancement of Student Experience Award

Student Representative Awards

These awards aim to celebrate the Student Representatives who have gone the extra mile to share the student voice and create positive change in teaching and learning.

Ibtizaam Sharif, Student Representative Award
Ibtizaam Sharif, Student Representative Award

Reflecting on the importance of effective communication between the university and its students, Yavuz Emin Kafadar, Deputy President of City Students’ Union said:

A personalised approach that caters to students’ individual needs relies on effective communication between the university and its students.

"The School of Health & Psychological Sciences (SHPS) has been at the forefront of such efforts."

"The recent Student Experience Committee meeting serves as an inspiring example of this commitment."

"The event brought together numerous students and teachers, fostering in-person discussions and the sharing of ideas accompanied by refreshments."

SHPS Student Awards

The Student Awards recognise learners who have achieved exceptional academic success, such as the highest marks in one or more subjects, or other success such as outstanding peer support, or clinical work with patients, for example.

On City’s commitment to recognising academic excellence, Yavuz added:

The school's recognition and appreciation for exceptional performance were evident during the committee meeting. Awards were presented to student representatives and academic staff who demonstrated outstanding dedication.

"This demonstration of appreciation highlights the school's genuine commitment to recognising exceptional work."

"Witnessing the teachers genuinely seeking students' ideas on improving the school and responding to criticism with understanding and humility fosters the belief that the SHPS is laying the groundwork for the transition into a truly remarkable university."

"As the Deputy President of the Students’ Union, I am grateful for this!"

Fredrick Hutchins, High Level Academic Achievement Prize
Fredrick Hutchins, High Level Academic Achievement Prize
Serena Eze, Optometry Prizes
Serena Eze, Optometry Prizes

Serena Eze, a student on the BSc (Hons) Optometry programme, was awarded three prizes for her outstanding achievements, namely “The Bausch & Lomb Achievement Prize”, “The Carl Zeiss Vision Prize” and “The Paul Fairbanks Memorial Prize”.

Commenting on City’s recognition of her efforts, she said:

Receiving three awards was a pleasant surprise for me. I don’t work hard with the aim of getting awards – my goal is simply to do my best. But I really do appreciate the recognition that City gives its students for their achievements.

"I can’t accept these prizes without thanking all of my lecturers and all the other staff connected to the BSc Optometry programme."

"They have all been so helpful, whether that be promptly responding to emails or providing sessions outside of timetabled activities."

"My achievements are as much a reflection of myself as they are of these other individuals."

Laxmi Jaishi, Best Overall Performance
Laxmi Jaishi, Best Overall Performance
Wenshuo Carnall, Academic Achievement Prize
Wenshuo Carnall, Academic Achievement Prize

Chairing the event, Dr Irene Ctori, Associate Dean, Education, Quality & Student Experience, shared in her closing speech:

"It has been an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to recognise and reward the successes of our students here today."

"I am so proud to be a part of the School of Health & Psychological Sciences, where our outstanding students, staff and partners are working together to meet complex health and workforce needs and improve outcomes for patients and communities across London and beyond."

To our student winners – you have worked extremely hard to earn your awards today.  The School, University, your families and friends are so proud of you – and we hope you are proud of yourselves, too! You were selected to receive an award because we believe in you and believe you deserve this recognition. Congratulations!

Full List of awardees


  • Alice Johnson, Company of Nurses Academic Achievement Prize
  • Amelia Bowling, High Level Academic Achievement Prize
  • Andrea McKenzie, Company of Nurses Academic Achievement Prize
  • Angela Nakiyingi Mubanguka, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Angeli Dilip Kumar, Highest module average for Biology
  • Anisa Begum, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Ayshia Armani, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Daniela Philippou, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Elizabeth Baxter, High Level Academic Achievement Prize
  • Englentina Doda, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Fartun Ali, High Level Academic Achievement Prize
  • Fredrick Hutchins, High Level Academic Achievement Prize
  • Georgia Masters, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Jessica Bains, Academic Achievement Award
  • Katherine Leach, Best Overall Performance Award
  • Malwina Balbina Jaroszewicz, Highest Module Average
  • Okechukwu Ojinnaka, Highest module average for Biology
  • Penny Belfield, Company of Nurses - Academic Achievement Award
  • Rosie Olivia Smith, Anne McLeod Prize for Academic Achievement
  • Shudha Mahmud, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Stephanie Baho, Academic Achievement Award
  • Vaisnavi Ramanan, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Ysabelle Mapag, Academic Achievement Prize


  • Amanda Rogers, High Level Academic Achievement
  • Amy Kinghorn, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Aphra McTaggart​, Practice Prize
  • Beata Luberda, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Boo Charkin, High Level Academic Achievement
  • Eloise Price, High Level Academic Achievement
  • Laura Folly, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Sally Davies, Dora Opoku Prize

Optometry (including Introduction to Health Sciences)

  • Abbie Tipler, The Bausch & Lomb Achievement Prize
  • Amy Storey, Outstanding Citizen Prize
  • Bashir Undre, The Keeler Prize for Peer Support
  • Charlotte Tonkin, The Gerald Dunn Memorial Prize for the Greatest Aptitude with Children
  • David Beta, The Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians Prize
  • Eshrath Saima, The Santen UK Ltd Prize for the Best Performing Student
  • Fatema Yeasmin, Best student engagement
  • Hadia Khawar, The Keeler Prize for outstanding performance in Clinical Skills
  • Khin Tun, The Optician Prize for Best Dissertation
  • Kirandip Dhillon, Hedley Lacey Memorial Prize
  • Kirstie Leung, The Association of Optometrists Prize
  • Lin Shamas, The Seiko Prize for High Academic Achievement
  • Mehreen Miah, The Gordon Ruskell Memorial Prize
  • Miriam Naveed, The Essilor Prize for Best Dispensing Student
  • Najiyah Ahmed, The Leonard Lurie Memorial Prize for Pathology
  • Nazila Dalir, Mad Sams Memorial for best International Student
  • Raeesah Kara, Thea Pharmaceuticals Achievement Pize
  • Raifah Lunat, The Rita Watts Memorial Prize
  • Sabina Miah, The Keeler Prize for Optics
  • Safa Kantharia, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Serena Eze, The Bausch & Lomb Achievement Prize
  • Serena Eze, The Carl Zeiss Vision Prize
  • Serena Eze, The Paul Fairbanks Memorial Prize
  • Tulsi Patel, The CooperVision Prize for Best Third Year Project


  • Amina Abdalla, Society and College of Radiographers Prize
  • Aribah Aftab, Best Academic Prize
  • Chiamaka Okeke, Society and College of Radiographers Prize
  • Fahima Chowdhury, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Gonca Ozpalas, Best Clinical Prize
  • Hanna Sharif-Ali, BrainLab Award
  • Ilham Aaden, Best Clinical Prize
  • Ismat Sayed, BrainLab Award
  • Mia Thompson, Society and College of Radiographers Prize
  • Mithura Arunasalam, BrainLab Award
  • Oliver Amadi, Outstanding and Sustained Achievement
  • Roomia Akthar, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Senita Mandair, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Umayr Dauhoo, BrainLab Award


  • Laxi Jaishi, Best Overall Performance
  • Lindsey Phillips, Best Overall Performance
  • Katie Rowling, Best Overall Performance

Health Services and Research Management

  • Arham Pirzada, Recognition Award for Professionalism, Initiative and Enthusiasm
  • Eleanor Rochester, High Level Academic Achievement
  • Ibrahim Mohamed, Recognition Award for Leadership, Personal development Positivity
  • Tatiana Ivantsova, Recognition of your Leadership, Resilience and Positivity

Speech and Language

  • Alice Chaytow, The Advocacy Project Prize
  • Beyza Sakar, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Danielle Spence, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Hafsa Moolla, The Thalanany Award
  • Hannah Harvey, The Catherine Davenport Award
  • Kati Rantanen, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Leonie Turner, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Leonie Turner, The Thalanany Award
  • Maria Sharif, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Sadiya Bhana, Academic Achievement Prize
  • Wenshuo Carnall, Academic Achievement Prize


  • Erica Dodd, High-level Academic Achievement Award
  • Phillippa Ashcroft, High-level Academic Achievement Award

Written by Chiara Petrini Rossi, Communications Assistant at City, University of London.