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Maira Profitteri

Law LLB (Hons)
Maira Profitteri

“The Law course at City offers a lot of very good electives in the second and third year and good opportunities for career prospects”

Why did you choose to study the LLB?

I choose to study Law because I have always been very good in public speaking and in persuading people. I love to stand up for people and I also am very interested in protecting the public and always being fair. I was very indecisive at High School as I loved maths and business as well but I decided to go for my passion for justice.

Why did you choose The City Law School?

I chose the City Law School because of its amazing reputation and location in the legal heart of London. Moreover, the Law course at City offers a lot of very good electives in the second and third year and good opportunities for career prospects. It is accredited as well by professional standard boards and it was a plus for me to know that a new Law building was being built as well!

What makes City unique?

City is unique because it is an international multicultural place where everyone is open and where you can find academic excellence as well.

Did you take part in any extracurricular activities? (The student Law Society, mooting, pro bono, etc.)

I do lots of things within the University. I am a Widening Participation and Marketing Student Ambassador, I do tutoring in primary and secondary schools and I mentor Sixth form students offering them the view of a University student on what life is really like after school.

I also am part of various societies, such as the Model United Nation and the Legal awareness ones.

How has studying the LLB helped you to take the next steps in your career?

Before studying at City, I wasn’t sure what to do after. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be a barrister or a solicitor but now thanks to the various networking opportunities I have had and the fact that I have been offered an internship I am sure I want to pursue with the commercial route.

What do you enjoy most about studying in London?

I have always wanted to study in London, it was my dream as I think London is an amazing city which offers lots of opportunities and changes the way people look at things. I love the fact that it is so open and there are so many aspects of the city that I still don’t know many places.

What advice or tips would you give to future LLB students?

I would advice future LLB students to do lots of research on the courses and ask questions to current students, academics to have a realistic view of the course. Most of the time people would think Law is boring and with lots of reading, but it is quite practical and definitely challenging! Moreover, start to have a study routine and a to do list everyday to be perfectly organised and ready for the study materials!