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Kelsie Langley

In my volunteer work, I have learned that emotions and relationships can be just as important at times in business management.

Kelsie won Best New Volunteer at the 2015 Volunteering Awards.

Graduation Date: 2015

What type of volunteering project were you involved in?

Weekly volunteer at St. John's Hospice as a receptionist.

What did you enjoy most about it?

While reception may not seem like the most glamorous position, I know that having an extra person there to answer calls and greet visitors--ensuring they check-in, wash hands, are offered a cup of tea or coffee and are greeted with a smiling face--is of real importance. Despite the hospice being a very grave and serious place at times, I know the friendliness in my role and my caring attitude adds to the warm and welcoming family atmosphere, which St. John's Hospice is so well known for. All in all, I feel like I became part of a community at the Hospice, which is something really rewarding in and of itself, especially as an overseas student.

What skills did you gain through this experience?

Throughout my MBA course thus far, I have learned much about business acumen and have gained a variety of business skills; however, in my volunteer work, I have learned that emotions and relationships can be just as important at times in business management. Each week that I volunteer at the hospice, I am able to apply some topics recently studied (related to HR management, organizational behaviors, etc.) while further honing my soft skills, gaining a stronger holistic experience and a more complete picture of what creates success in this sector.

Why would you recommend other students take part in Community Volunteering?

Community Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community (as cliche as that sounds), but I think that as a student, it's extremely important to get involved with communities outside of class--even a strong involvement in a society as Cass/City is a strong start. In all instances, this involvement leads to experiential learning, while also expanding your professional network. It's really a win-win. But Community Volunteering goes a step further - by reciprocating a good deed to others.

What do you want to do after university?

After graduation with my MBA, I plan to work in business management in the healthcare sector. Currently, I am considering MedTech and more general healthcare (private and public).