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Jordine Reid

Nursing: Adult BSc (Hons)

'At first it was something I was always nervous about, but now it excites me that it is something that I will be doing in the near future.'

How did you develop an interest in Nursing and why did you choose to study BSc Adult Nursing?

Before studying at City, I had always been assisting my grandparents with their care. This included medication, and other day to day tasks. Being in and out of the hospital setting with my grandmother and seeing how healthcare professionals looked after her really inspired me to get into nursing and make a difference.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

City, University of London was recommended to me through friends. I checked the statistics online and was very impressed with what I saw, therefore I applied to City through clearing. I attended the selection interview and entry test and I was happy with how organised it all was. I found out I was accepted within a week and couldn’t wait to start.

What has been a highlight on the course for yourself?

The highlight on the course has been learning biology. I have always been interested in it since school and was excited to get to grips with how the body functions. Learning this made me appreciate the human body more. It also allowed me to understand why a patient is unwell and apply what I know from University.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at City?

Overall I have enjoyed the clinical aspect of the course. At first it was something I was always nervous about, but now it excites me that it is something that I will be doing in the near future. I have met some amazing people on my course and I look forward to the learning experiences that I will encounter whilst studying.

How have you found the teaching on your course?

I have found each module very informative. Learning so much at one time can be very overwhelming but the lecturers are very easy to contact if you are in need of help. Everything is uploaded onto the on-line portal; Moodle, which allows me to access information where ever I go. I can tell the lecturers have a passion in what they teach and it really shines through. All the lecturers have either practised or are still in clinical practice, so it’s nice to hear their experiences and share my own.

How have you benefited from the facilities available at City? ( e.g. clinical skills centre)

The facilities at the University have been really useful. The Clinical Skills Centre and Simulation Suite are so similar to the ward setting, it makes the settling into the ward environment a little easier. The resources and equipment the University uses are up to date. This allows me to have a broad understanding of the hospital procedures before experiencing them on placement.
The library also has resources that are applicable to each module. Recommended reads for each topic are available on Moodle, all of which are accessible in City library which makes learning really do-able.

Could you tell us about your placements; where have they been based? What have you enjoyed most? What aspects have you found most challenging?

My first placement was a surgical setting. At first I was very nervous about fitting in. I was reassured that within a couple of weeks it would all be fine and it was. I soon found myself familiar with the ward routine and using my own initiative. I was particularly worried about interacting with patients especially about breaking bad news, however soon found myself communicating with patients quite naturally. I was very lucky enough to attend and watch surgery.
My second placement was medical; gastroenterology. I went into this ward setting with an open mind, however this ward was much different to the first one. The routine was different and it was more fast paced. There were more members in multi-disciplinary teams. Similarly to the first I was soon aware of what to do on the ward. Everyday there was something new to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The challenges were adapting to the ward environment, and completing PAD (Practice assessment document) but with help from the ward mentors, link lecturers and the practice educator facilitators, it was well organised. I enjoyed applying theory to practice and completing skills relevant to my career. I really enjoyed going to see surgery as I was able to see another side to the hospital.

How will your placements help you with your future career?

The practice assessment document is set out so that I am adequately prepared for a career as a Nurse. Having this with me on all placement areas puts my mind at ease, as I can see how I am progressing on each area. The mentors on placement are also supportive and set out what they expect from you in the beginning.

What are you looking most forward to during the rest of your time at City, University of London?

I'm looking forward to my elective placement next year. This will give me a different insight with regards to the multi-disciplinary team and how they provide care. I also have a co-compulsory coming up that I was able to choose myself, which is also very exciting.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Once I graduate I hope to practice as a full time nurse in the trust that I am currently practising in. I know I want to specialise in something however am unsure of what at this moment in time. I think by the end of the year I will have an idea- having studied more modules.

What would be your advice to anyone considering studying BSc Adult Nursing?

It is important to have a passion, in whatever you do. Without passion it is hard to progress and enjoy. Studying at City, University of London has made me enjoy learning each module. The course is organised in such a way that each individual is prepared for a career in their chosen field and I can’t wait to finally qualify.

City offers BSc Nursing courses in the fields of Adult Nursing, Child Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing.