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Harriet Baker

Music BMus (Hons)

Harriet is a BMus Alumna

Why did you choose to study a BMus?

The different avenues music education offers through the varied modules and with the people you meet.

Why did you choose to study at City?

One of my tutors recommended I attend an Open Day as he had studied here, and the affiliation with Guildhall was also a big factor in my decision.

What module have you enjoyed in particular?

I really enjoyed the Composing for Moving Images module which can be taken in the third year of the course. It complements several other modules that run through the rest of the course, bringing all the information learned previously to practical tasks, at the end of which you have a portfolio of composition work.

What is the best thing about studying in Central London?

Being close to everything - plenty of free music events are always going on throughout the capital and you are pretty much near to all of them!