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Federica Ferri

Speech and Language Science BSc (Hons)
Federica Ferri

'I decided to study at City because of its reputation for the health professions and students satisfaction.'

How did you develop an interest in Speech and Language and why did you choose to study BSc Speech and Language Science?

I have always had a particular interest in the process and development of human communication from a biomedical and psychological perspective. This course has given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on linguistics, psychology and speech and hearing sciences, in relation to how human communication works, how it develops and how it can eventually break down.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

I decided to study at City because of its reputation for the health professions and students satisfaction. In fact it is ranked 1st in London and 2nd in the UK for health professions according to The Guardian University Guide 2018. I also made this choice by considering the opportunity to study and live in the centre of London for three years.

What has been your favourite module so far and why?

One of my favourite modules on the course has been Hearing and Speech Sciences (Year 1 & 2) because I got an in depth knowledge of Phonetics and Phonology which gave me the tools to analyse speech at a specific linguist level. I find this subjects extremely interesting both as a student and a language user

What has been a highlight on the course for yourself?

I really enjoyed the dynamic and always engaging interaction amongst students and the friendly atmosphere that took off from day one. I really appreciated the availability of the academic staff, from replying to emails promptly to providing extra material for lectures and setting up extra study hours for revision.

Have you participated in any extracurricular activities at City? For example, being a student rep, taking part in any student union societies, volunteering.

I have been part of the Student Ambassador team since my second year at university and I often help with the running of University events, such us Open Days, Campus Tours and Selection Days. Last year I joined the Speech and Language Therapy Society and took part to multiple extracurricular activities, like attending extra lectures and going to see a play on Aphasia, with other members from the SLT society. I always try to find the time for these extracurricular activities as they are a great opportunity to get to know people with your own interests and passions.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at City?

City is a beautiful environment to grow in, both from a personal and academic perspective. City has been the perfect environment to meet with new people and stay in contact with a wide range of students from different cultural and educational backgrounds. As a student I can say I have acquired a lot of skills and abilities to apply in my future career and/or academic studies. I have achieved goals I couldn’t believe possible, therefore I am extremely grateful for my personal growth at City.

How have you found the teaching on your course?

I think the high quality of teaching is one of the main strengths of City in general and of my course in particular. All the professors on my course have had a great impact on my understanding of the subject, as well as my personal awareness on what I want to do next and how to accomplish it. They also inspired me to always achieve my potential and to not be afraid to ask for help when needed.

How have you benefited from the facilities available at City?

I have been benefitting from the Library and its facilities throughout the whole course. I have often borrowed books and booked study rooms for revision or study sessions with my course mates. I also got to meet with the subject librarian to set up my final project research strategies. I have accessed the IT services and other study areas that City offers, to study independently or in a group in a more informal way.

What are you looking most forward to during the rest of your time at City, University of London?

I am looking forward to taking part in as many University related events as possible, since this will be my last year at City and I really want to make the most of it.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I am planning on continuing my academic studies to become a Speech and Language Therapist.

What would be your advice to anyone considering studying BSc Speech and Language Science?

I would suggest to applicants to make sure that they know in advance what to expect from this course in terms of modules of study and career prospects. For example, by coming to an open day and having a chat with a current student to better understand if this is the course for you. This is what I personally did when I had to apply to University and I found it extremely helpful to visit the campus, gain specific information and listen to someone’s experience.