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Bianca Ivey


Gaining a mentor has helped Bianca take part in valuable legal work experience and gain confidence in her legal aptitutdes

As I come from a non-legal family, I felt it was highly important to gain first-hand legal experience and to gain a much deeper understanding as to what it means to truly be a successful lawyer. Although your legal studies are imperative, there is a considerable difference between law school and practicing as a lawyer. A mentor can help make the transition from student to lawyer a lot smoother. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the professional mentoring scheme! It was so insightful, working one on one with someone who has been so successful in my chosen field. Gaining a mentor has enabled me to take part in valuable legal work experience and consequently I have become more confident in legal aptitude.

I would highly recommend the mentoring scheme to all students, whether an undergraduate or a postgraduate. It has been a highly rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.

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