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  1. Judit Guimera Busquets

    BEng student awarded with Caterpillar Foundation Scholarship

  2. Homa Naseri

    Homa is a student ambassador who was also awarded the Salters Institute Scholarship

  3. Caroline Owen

    Caroline chose City as it has a brilliant reputation in the UX industry, and offers a strong focus on academic research.

  4. Caroline Stensli

    "I enjoy that my course challenges me and requires me to think critically."

  5. Bas Braamhaar

    At first I thought 'Where do I start?', everything seemed so complex, but now I am amazed at all that I've learned.

  6. Dimitrios Arvanitis

    After completing an LLM at The City Law School, Dimitrios is now working on his PhD thesis in risk allocation in offshore oil and gas contr ...

  7. Nashwa Hassanaly

    Nashwa undertook a placement with Dyer & Butler, in Heathrow whilst studying on BEng Civil Engineering.

  8. Minli Tang

    Minli's research at The City Law School focuses on the offshore energy industry from a private commercial law perspective.

  9. Cristina Peter

    I have especially enjoyed studying alongside people from very diverse backgrounds.

  10. Aysha Sajid

    "Being a student ambassador at City University was a great experience! I was even given the opportunity to take part in The Lord Mayor's Pa ...

  11. Sidharth Deepchand

    Sid has taken full advantage of career development opportunities related to his course in Actuarial Science.

  12. Valentina Aronica

    Volunteering is an enriching experience that makes you develop professionally and personally.

  13. Amar Vasani

    Amar's PhD thesis focuses on the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of shipbuilding contracts.

  14. Maayan Karlinski

    For Maayan the highlight of studying BSc Psychology was Volunteering and working for the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit

  15. Donald Taylor

    Donald is an attorney from Jamaica, currently working as a lecturer at the University of Aruba.

  16. Vasiliki Komianou

    Music has always been more than a hobby for Vasiliki

  17. Veronika Kelemen

    Student blogger from City's Department of Sociology

  18. Arailym Aukenova

    International student from the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

  19. Funmi Odusanya

    Funmi Odusanya was awarded a Caterpillar Foundation Scholarship at the Annual Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries Evening, January 2013.

  20. Wendy Wang

    Wendy was awarded the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers Scholarship in 2013.

  21. Kathryn Drumm

    Kathryn is a mature student who enjoys the vibrant student community at City University London.

  22. David Nkpe

    "In my search for a UK university I found City - obviously one of UK's best Departments of Sociology with its multi-disciplinary research a ...

  23. Jenny Murphy

    Jenny was awarded a biomedical vacation scholarship between her second and third year, enabling her to work as a Research Assistant for the ...

  24. Annie Darling

    "City's Exchange program offered me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fully embrace and discover America independently"

  25. Mohamed Boutakhrit

    The variety of modules help students become efficient decision makers, which is a very valuable quality in today's job market.

  26. Panagiotis Panas

    The high standard of education and benefits of living in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities led me to City University London.

  27. Dhruvin Patel

    Optometry student Dhruvin Patel is the founder of startup OcuShield, a winner in the University's CitySpark competition.

  28. Vikram Singh

    'City's Human Centred Systems program has been carefully developed over the years. It perfectly combines the academic with the practical.'

  29. Amir Jaber

    During the mock interview I was given extremely insightful advice which helped me to succeed during the job interview.

  30. Muhammad Hassan Naqshbandi

    'I chose City because of the breadth and depth of module options & the consistently good rankings in the league tables.'

  31. Eugenio Vaccari

    Eugenio’s PhD comparative thesis focuses on the treatment of commercial distress and on the way in which statutory provisions affect partie ...

  32. Ella Walters

    'There was a lot of support from City staff and City University was a really nice environment to learn in'

  33. Akash Joshi

    'City was not only one of the top international universities offering the course & modules I was considering, but it also had the facilitie ...

  34. Sila Uysal

    "I chose to study at City because it was the only school in the UK where I could complete an LLM combining Maritime Law and Energy Law."

  35. Anna Evangelidi

    Anna's thesis is titled "Is the law of armed conflict (LOAC) out of step with unmanned weapons technologies?"

  36. Paul-Marie Carfantan

    The academic team at City gave me the opportunity to explore cutting-edge and challenging subjects.

  37. Alexandra George

    Alexandra George graduated with a BMus from City in 2012.

  38. Nithin Sasikumar

    Student blogger from City's Cass Business School.

  39. Sean Foo

    International student from Cass Business School

  40. Alberto Bonifacio

    Alberto Bonifacio was awarded an Aeronautics Centenary Scholarship at the Annual Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries Evening, January 2013.

  41. Lih Huoy Foo

    Actuarial Science student Lih Huoy Foo was featured in our City Review publication in 2011.

  42. Amanda Green

    “There are so many opportunities to get involved and try out areas of psychology that fit, from coaching, to clinical, to neuroscience, and ...

  43. Rachel Bell

    Rachel wanted to study in London because all major subtitling companies and film production companies are based here

  44. Anna Labedzka

    Research student Anna is working on the thesis The European Union and shaping of its neighbourhood: in pursuit of stability, security and p ...

  45. Umar Shafiq Malik

    This course has tested and developed my problem solving skills and has challenged me to innovate to counter the engineering problems I have ...

  46. Debbie Magbadelo

    UK student, LLB, graduated in 2014

  47. Christina Nicolaou

    Christina graduated in 2011 with MEng Civil Engineering and now works as a Graduate Reinforcement Engineer.

  48. Andreea Amariei

    "City University offers students many rewarding opportunities such as becoming a City Buddy whereby one can help first years with first yea ...

  49. Lorraine Estime

    I firmly believe that having a more experienced person in guidance is necessary to any type of development.

  50. Ahmed Enilari

    'City is known for its emphasis on professionalism, innovation and continued improvement to enhance student satisfaction and university exp ...

  51. Lan Huang

    'The curriculum of City's MSc Human-Centred Systems is interesting and robust, and our lecturers are very well regarded in their respective ...

  52. Ro'Isin Singh

    'Studying for the MA Publishing has armed me with a knowledge of innovation in the publishing industry.'

  53. Marija Smigelskyte

    I was inspired by my placement and I believe I will be applying for the kind of job I was doing there.

  54. Valerio Esposito

    'Looking back I can say with great confidence that studying Journalism at City has been one of the best choices that I could've made for my ...

  55. Ricardo Vazquez Roman

    I chose City, University of London due to its reputation of excellence and as it's home to many of the most remarkable minds of British mod ...

  56. Aurelia Guo

    Aurelia's research at The City Law School focuses on legal indeterminacy as a philosophical problem explored in conceptual poetry by Vaness ...

  57. Harriet Riley

    Harriet chose to study BMus for the flexibility to choose from a wide range of modules, focusing also on the music she likes the most

  58. Jane McConnell

    Vice Captain for the University's first ever women's hockey team and named "University's Sportswoman of the Year"

  59. George Georgiou

    George is a 2007 BMus graduate working as Stage Coordinator for the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

  60. Leon Allen

    Leon benefits from City University London's excellent relationship with industry leaders in Computing.

  61. Abdullah Shakure

    Abdullah chose City for the vibrant London location.

  62. Oreste Giacchè

    "City is international while still incorporated into the vibrant and interesting scene of East London"

  63. Bakhodir Rakhimov

    Bakhodir will be starting a career in finance and economics

  64. Natalie Bird

    "Working with pro bono allowed me to use the drafting skills that I am learning on the BPTC, with real-life clients as opposed to hypotheti ...

  65. Elpida Chrysostomou

    The main reason I chose City is the location; London. I always thought of London as a land of opportunity, to experience and learn new thin ...

  66. Priya Talwar

    Priya undertook at placement at National Grid whilst studying for MEng Mechanical Engineering.

  67. Petya Ilieva

    Petya's PhD thesis explores the process of judicialization in international commercial arbitration.

  68. Samantha Lamontagne

    After studying politics and sociology in her hometown Ottawa, Canada, Samantha embarked on the Graduate Entry LLB to pursue a career in law

  69. Aishwarya Singh

    My greatest experience at City has been being part of the Widening Participation tutoring scheme whereby I was able to tutor children at lo ...

  70. Neshat Safari

    Neshat's PhD thesis is "Reconsidering the role of the derivative claim as a mechanism of protecting shareholders in England".

  71. Dimitri Dolor

    Dimitri is an undergraduate student on City's BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy course.

  72. Emma Volney

    'I will always cherish my time at City - studying there changed my life and is no doubt the best thing that's ever happened to me.'

  73. Cloe Amber Campbell

    Cloe chose to study at City to extend her knowledge base and actively apply it to her everyday work.

  74. Wiki Tay

    I have gained much within the short five months of clinical placement with City and Hackney Mind (CHM).

  75. Julie Crutchley

    Julie is studying the role of victim participation and reparations in international criminal law to align the goals of peace and justice.

  76. Michal Dybowski

    Michal feels City University's central location allowed for easy integration of working and studying.

  77. Aaron De-Allie

    BSc Mathematical Science student Aaron De-Allie overcomes adversity to graduate with high honours.

  78. Andreea Cristoloveanu

    Andreea Cristoloveanu was awarded a Hudai Toros Scholarship at the Annual Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries Evening, January 2013.

  79. Jack Russell

    City offered Jack a curriculum suited for his interests close to London's Tech City

  80. Tim Arscott

    I chose a course focussed on the modern reality of librarianship and how technology has revolutionised the dissemination & consumption of i ...

  81. Diana Mak

    I wanted the opportunity to study in London and City University London is a global leading institution.

  82. Julian Foong

    BSc Accounting & Finance student Julian took part in the Insight into Industry scheme which helped him gain an internship at EY.

  83. Ryan Bright

    'The degrees that City University offer are specifically chosen with professions in mind, and that makes it unique.'

  84. Minh Nguyen

    'City University London partners with companies in London giving students the opportunity to undertake an internship programme after exams. ...

  85. Natalia Lopez

    It is amazing to see how your personal experiences can inspire a younger generation. This will make you feel like a really valuable individ ...

  86. Dylan Price

    'City University provided the opportunity to work with professionals and graduates from other disciplines'.

  87. Peyton Lombardo

    City University’s great location and reputation as a school of excellence brought me here

  88. Laura Chieri

    Going on the Q-step has been one of the best choices I have ever made. I would advise every sociology student to do so.

  89. Veronica Shleina

    Veronica is interested in researching child and family law and the relationship between EU law and human rights law.

  90. Alexander Gilder

    Alexander’s thesis focuses on the practice of the UN in the implementation of the concept of human security

  91. Remilekun Basaru

    BSc Biomedical Engineering student Remilekun Basaru is on the way to fulfilling his aspirations.

  92. Abrar Ali

    Abrar chose City not just for the course but for the enthusiasm of the staff.

  93. Kawtar Bennouna

    Kawtar Bennouna is the Student Representative for the International Communications and Development MA

  94. Linda Kim Gresseth

    Linda has already secured a job as Communications Advisor, five months before finishing her studies at City

  95. Bartosz Kostyk

    Bartosz undertook a placement with American Express whilst studying on BSc Mathematical Science.

  96. Pinar Canga

    Focusing on detention of minors in Turkey and the UK, Pinar analyses potential domestic and international dynamics influencing immigration ...

  97. Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa

    Julia's focuses on seafarers' employment rights and human rights in her research, in particular, the definition of 'abandonment of seafarer ...

  98. Johannes Schleith

    'City appeared to be one of the most exciting places in the UK if not Europe, to study HCI and User-centred Design'.

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