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portrait of Dr Ruth Windscheffel

Dr Ruth Windscheffel

Lecturer Educational Development

Learning Enhancement and Development

Contact Information


Visit Ruth Windscheffel

B315, University Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



My education and research interests include: inclusive practice and personalised learning; academic and professional identities; emotion, compassion and the affective domain in higher education; student support and personal tutoring; the histories of education, libraries and reading (nineteenth and twentieth centuries)


  1. PG Certificate in Higher Education Practice, University of Essex, Colchester, United Kingdom, Jan 2014 – Jan 2015
  2. Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Academy, York, United Kingdom, 2014
  3. Fellowship, Royal Historical Society, United Kingdom, 2014
  4. PhD, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom, Jan 1999 – Jan 2003
  5. MA, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, United Kingdom, Jan 1994 – Jan 1995
  6. MA, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, 1991 – 1994

Postgraduate training

  1. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2008 – 2011
  2. The Julia Mann Junior Research Fellow in History, St Hilda's College, Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2004 – 2008


  1. Lecturer in Educational Development, City, University of London, Aug 2017 – present
  2. Applaud Mentor and Reviewer, Open University, Milton Keynes, Jan 2016 – present
  3. Honorary Research Associate, Open University, Milton Keynes, Jan 2015 – present
  4. Learning and Development Adviser, University of Essex, Colchester, Jan 2013 – Jan 2017
  5. Senior Faculty Manager, Open University, Milton Keynes, Jan 2011 – Jan 2012
  6. Associate Lecturer, Open University, Milton Keynes, Jan 2008 – present
  7. Lecturer in History, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Jan 2003 – Jan 2004


  1. Senior Fellow (SFHEA), Higher Education Academy, Nov 2014 – present
  2. Fellow (FRHistS), Royal Historical Society, Sep 2014 – present
  3. Life Fellow, Gladstone's Library, Hawarden, Jun 2006 – present


Geographic Areas

  • Americas - North
  • Australia & Oceania
  • Europe


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  1. Windscheffel, R. (2010). The Gladstone Diaries. In Palmer, R. and Brown, M. (Eds.), Lambeth Palace Library Treasures from the Collection of the Archbishops of Canterbury (pp. 156–157). Scala Books.

Journal articles (2)

  1. Clayton, R. (2003). Masses or Classes?: The Question of Community in the Foundation of Gladstone's Library. Library History, 19(3), pp. 163–172. doi:10.1179/lib.2003.19.3.163.
  2. Windscheffel, R. (2002). Gladstone’s Library and the Cultural Organization of Knowledge. Leeds Working Papers in Victorian Studies, 5, pp. 91–109.


  1. Windscheffel, R. 'Enlarging the Text': a cultural history of William Ewart Gladstone's library and reading. (PhD Thesis)

Other Activities

Keynote lectures/speeches (2)

  1. A Question of Humanity? Gladstone, Armenia, and Islam. Hawarden, Wales (2009). Public keynote lecture, Gladstone 200 Festival, Gladstone’s Library
  2. Images of Gladstone. Chester, UK (2009). Keynote lecture; Gladstone Bicentenary International Conference; University of Chester