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Ready to mentor

Are you considering becoming a mentor? Perhaps you are a co-mentor wishing to develop the assessment skills needed to be recognised as a full mentor in practice? If the answer is yes, then the range of NMC approved mentorship modules at City, University of London, could be what you need to get your career moving. Facilitating student learning is enshrined within the NMC Code (2015) as an essential role of the Nurse or Midwife. Becoming a Mentor adds the assessment and evaluation dimensions to the co-mentor role, allowing you to become accountable for your own decisions as a mentor and really make a difference to the experience and learning of pre-registration students in your practice area.

City, University of London mentorship modules are available in three formats, two levels of study, and three terms per year. Our Supporting and Assessing Learning in Practice Settings modules attract 15 credits at HE6 level and are designed for students who have completed diploma level studies. Of these, NM3272 is taught face-to-face in a classroom setting, although does require significant online learning through our virtual learning system Moodle. CH3020 follows the same content as NM3272 but is delivered online allowing you to study at your own pace, and within a supportive group without the requirement of class attendance. This mode of learning is attractive as study leave can be arranged more flexibly with your employers whilst you undertake the module.

At Masters Level we offer CHM002 ‘Education in the Workplace’ which is a multi-professional online module which is also validated by the Society of Radiographers. This will suit you if you have completed your Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BN etc.); especially if you have plans to undertake a Master’s programme. All of the mentorship modules require some learning and assessment of your practice in the workplace. You will need to be supervised by a qualified mentor, in co-mentoring a pre-registration student; documenting your progress against the Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice (NMC 2008) in your mentorship portfolio.

Whatever level and mode you choose to study at, we are confident that our courses will help you develop into the mentor’s role. But don’t take it from us, take it from previous mentorship students who have commented that “The course has enabled me to be more competent when assessing Students” and evaluated our teaching as “brilliant” and “enthusiastic”, our “presentations easy to understand and encouraging teamwork” whilst also being “Relevant to the job”.

For more information about our mentorship courses, please contact Michelle Carter, Programme Director for Mentorship via email: michelle.carter.1@city.ac.uk