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About City

Kazi Saleh

MPhil/PhD student

Centre for Creative Writing, Translation and Publishing, Department of Journalism

E: Kazi.Saleh.1@city.ac.uk

PhD title: The role of translation competence of medical experts in English-Kurdish specialised medical translation

Supervisor: ‏Dr Karen Seago

Brief Description of the research topic

The study investigates the role that the translation competence of medical experts plays in the practice of specialist medical translation from English into Kurdish. It analyses a corpus of medical research abstracts self-translated by Kurdish medical experts into Kurdish focusing on the three aspects of terminology, syntax and textual features. It aims to gain an insight into and evaluate the translational competence of those medical experts in the translation of their research abstracts. It also aims to gain an insight into the status of Kurdish LSP through looking at specialist medical translation. It further aims to see what translational norms are operating in the practice of specialist medical translation.

Research interests

Specialised translation, political translation and language for specific purposes


  • BA in English language and literature, 2004, University of Sulaimani, Iraq.
  • MA in Bilingual Translation English-Arabic, 2008, University of Westminster, UK.


English grammar and translation at the English Department, University of Sulaimani, Iraq from 2008-2011