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Crime fiction translation

Despite growing interest in translated crime fiction, there is very little research addressing the specifics of crime fiction in translation and its reception. Karen Seago’s work is the only research to investigate what makes the translation of crime fiction different from other forms of literary translation. In her ‘Introduction’ to the first special issue dedicated to crime fiction translation in the journal JosTrans 22, she establishes how the different sub-genres of crime fiction pose quite different challenges for the translator and how key features of crime fiction impact on and shape translation strategies. In ‘Red herrings and other misdirection in translation. for example, she addresses how readers’ attention is manipulated into focusing on red herrings while missing real clues and what strategies the translator needs to deploy to protect such central features. This research informs specialised literary translator training and Seago has given masterclasses and lectures on Crime Fiction Translation for the UK’s professional translator associations, the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, as well as Translate in the City Literary Translation Summer School.

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