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Abhishek Dixit

BSc (Hons)

Abhishek would like to complete a Masters degree in Computer Science, before finding a good job or establishing a start up.

Why did you decide to do a placement while at City, University of London?

It would give me more work experience and knowledge, as well as allowing me to apply knowledge gained from two year at City. I also feel more motivated for my final year because I understand the importance of knowledge that I gained in the first two years of my course.

Where was your placement and what was your role?

I started as a technical writer & testing specialist at Sygic, but last month I got promoted to Product Specialist. As a technical writer I was responsible for writing documentation for code, preparing documentation and tutorials for SDK, while as a tester I was given tasks to test various features of Sygic products, sometimes as a user, sometimes trying out server side features. The product specialist role entails preparing documents for various products, and sometimes for particular/general customers.

What has been the most important thing gained from your placement?

Experience, definitely. I faced real challenges, and also have a better understanding of what I might be more interested in doing after my studies.

What do you want to do after graduating?

I would like to get a Masters degree in Computer Science. After that, find a good job or establish a start up. It will definitely be something related to computing.

Anything else you would like to highlight about City?

I really appreciated the help from my City advisor. Even though I wasn't in London I was still able to solve any problems arising.

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