Student administration
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Student administration

Instalment scheme

All self-paying, new and continuing students can pay their annual tuition fee in two equal instalments.

If you have sufficient funds available to pay your year's fees in full at or before registration, we would strongly advise you do so to avoid possible financial problems later in the year.

Students who are following the normal academic year (registration in August, September or October), must pay the first instalment of their annual tuition fee in order to complete registration or re-registration and your second instalment will be due at the end of January.

If your course does not start in August, September or October, then the first instalment must be paid before your course starts and the second on the last working day of the third completed month after completing your online registration.

If you are part self-funding your tuition fees and also have a scholarship for example, you may wish to read our information on scholarships, studentships, discounts and awards to help understand how you will be expected to pay your tuition fees.

City does not offer a discount for payment in full at registration and nor does it charge an administrative fee for payment by instalment.