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City, University of London Hardship Fund

Due to a high volume of applications, the processing time for a completed hardship fund application is now 4 to 6 weeks. We are working hard to complete application assessments as soon as possible. Please ensure you submit a complete application with all the required supporting documents.

The City, University of London Hardship Fund is funded by City, University of London and the City Alumni which provides discretionary financial support for students who are in financial hardship or who face an unexpected financial emergency during their course.

Eligibility criteria

Students must meet all of the eligibility criteria below:

  • Students must be enrolled full-time or part-time students (at least 25% of a full-time equivalent course) at City, University of London
  • Students must apply for all eligible sources of funding before applying to the City Hardship Fund, this would include the full entitlement for means tested maintenance loans and grants, NHS Student Bursary, Child Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Parents Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant, Council Tax Reduction, Universal Credit.
  • Students must provide evidence that they have made realistic provision to cover their tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Students must have received their first instalment student funding.
  • Students must be up to date with their tuition fee payments. No financial support can be provided towards payment of tuition fees under any circumstances.
  • Students can apply only once during each academic year.

Assessment and notification

  • Applications can only be assessed once the online application form and all required supporting evidence has been submitted.
  • Please allow up to six weeks for assessment.
  • Applications are assessed in the order of receipt.
  • Both a financial assessment based on your income and outgoings will be conducted also taking into consideration your personal circumstances.
  • Priority is given to students with a disability, dependent children, carers, care leavers, estranged students, carers and undergraduate students in their final year.
  • The maximum grant for full-time students is £1,000 and £1,500 for priority students.
  • The maximum grant for part-time students is £500 and £750.
  • We will contact you via your City email address to notify you of the outcome of your application.

Supporting evidence

A) Evidence of income – submit all that apply to you

  • Student Finance entitlement statement or letter for 2020/21
  • NHS Bursary entitlement letter 2020/21
  • Studentship or scholarship letter for 2020/21
  • Three months payslips (modular, part-time, placement or secondment students only)
  • Three months bank statements for all your bank accounts (online statements are acceptable but not excel spreadsheets) please explain all transactions (credits and debits) over £100;
  • Partner/spouse income for three months e.g. payslips or bank statements;

B) Evidence of expenses – submit all that apply to you

  • Rent/tenancy contract, mortgage statement, parental confirmation of contribution to rent/mortgage;
  • Council tax bill
  • Priority bills e.g. rent arrears, council tax arrears, overdue utility bills
  • Recent Housing Benefit entitlement letter
  • Council Tax Benefit entitlement letter
  • Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credits entitlement letters
  • Universal Credit entitlement letter
  • Childcare invoices
  • If your term-time address is outside London please highlight your weekly/monthly travel expenses on your bank statements
  • Additional course related costs e.g. equipment, books
  • Health related costs e.g. optical, dental, prescription


  • Payments are made by bank transfer. Please ensure you carefully check the bank details you submit – incorrect details will cause payment loss or delay.
  • Payments are made once per week.
  • Grants to not need to be repaid.

Student guidance for making an application to the City Hardship Fund

How to apply

Apply Now

If you have any queries, please contact the Student Funding Team via

The Hardship Fund will close once all the funding has been allocated to students or at the end of July 2021.