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Department of Mathematics

Seminar Series 2014-15

Date Speaker Room
30/09/2014 A. McKane (Manchester)

Title: Fast-mode elimination in stochastic metapopulation models
14/10/2014Ilke Canakci (Leicester)

Title: Clusters and triangulations: snake graphs and skein relations in surface cluster algebras, and their applications
21/10/2014David Evans (Cardiff)

Title: The search for the exotic: subfactors and conformal field theories
02/11/2014Dan Franks (York)

Title: Collective motion and animal sociality
11/11/2014Gabriele Travaglini (QMUL)

Title: Harmony of scattering amplitudes
18/11/2014Tomasz Lukowski (Oxford)

Title: Lessons from crossing symmetry at large N
09/12/2014David Jordan (Edinburgh)

Title: Quantizations of character varieties from a 4D TFT
27/01/2015Fabian Essler (Oxford)

Title: Generalized Gibbs Ensembles for Quantum Field Theories
03/02/2015Jean Avan (Cergy)

Aspects of dynamical quantum algebras
10/02/2015George Papadopoulos (King's)

Title: Conformal symmetry and smoothness
17/02/2015Jan Plefka (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

Title: Yangian Symmetry of smooth supersymmetric Wilson Loops in N=4 SYM
24/02/2015Eva-Maria Graefe (Imperial College)

Title: The semiclassical limit of complexified quantum dynamics
17/03/2015Paolo Mattioli (QMUL)

Title: Quivers, Words and Fundamentals
24/03/2015Stefan Weigert (York)

Title: The Existence Problem of Mutually Unbiased Bases- or: "Why six is the first odd integer"
31/03/2015Jonathan Healey (Keele)

Title: On the origins of the viscous instability mechanism