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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Centre Publications (2002)

Journal Papers

  • J. Patera and R. Twarock "Affine extension of noncrystallographic Coxeter groups and quasicrystals" J. of Physics A 35, 1551-1574 (2002).
  • M. De Visscher "Extensions of modules for SL(2,K)" J. Algebra 254, 409-421 (2002).
  • P. Pyatov and R. Twarock "Construction of Diffusion Algebras" J. Math. Phys. 43, 3268-3279 (2002).
  • R. Twarock "New group structures for Carbon onions and Carbon nanotubes via affine extensions of non-crystallographic Coxeter groups" Phys. Lett. A 300, 437-444 (2002).
  • V. Dobrev, H.-D. Doebner, and R. Twarock "Quantum Mechanics with Difference Operators" Rep. Math. Phys. 50, 409-431 (2002).

Conference Papers

  • R. Twarock A New Virasoro "Type Symmetry and its Application in Quantum Physics" In Proceedings of the sixth Wigner Symposium, Bogazici Univ. Press, Istanbul, 425-432 (2002).
  • R. Twarock "Recurrence times in dynamical systems via a quasicrystal approach" In Proceedings of the IX. International Conference on Symmetry methods in physics, Phys. Part. Nuclei 33: Suppl. 1, S114-S117 (2002).
  • R. Twarock "Representations for selected types of Diffusion algebras" In Proceedings of Quantum Theory and Symmetries, World Scientific, 615-620 (2002).

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