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Business services

Commercial opportunities

Add value to your business or investment portfolio, by working with our researchers as they develop new technologies. We have commercial opportunities in a wide range of industries and sectors including engineering (aeronautics, mechanical, electronic and sensors), health care, ophthalmology and informatics. Our commercialisation team can tell you more.

Boost your growth. Grow your investments

Work with us, and you and your business can tap into our strong pipeline of research. City, University of London researchers are experts in new product development, and in exploiting cutting edge technologies and commercial opportunities. Our ideas could accelerate your business growth and expand your services, through intellectual property licensing, joint ventures and other forms of collaboration.

For investors, there’s potential for investment in innovative, unique commercial opportunities developed from our research projects. Choose from ventures through the London City Incubator, spin-outs, start-ups and academic companies using licensed intellectual property from the University.  Investors and potential entrepreneurs can engage in these ventures, which historically have demonstrated a lower investment risk than businesses created that do not emanate from University research output.

Opportunities for your business with City

Invest through London City Incubator

Interested in investing in early stage spin-offs and technologies? The London City Incubator (LCI) is an innovation catalyst programme within the Research and Enterprise Department at City. It’s a useful source for investors looking for deep tech deal flow.

LCI explores market opportunities for innovative technologies and research developed by City's academics, to capitalise on their Intellectual Property (IP).

Our LCI Associates work to translate those novel technologies into commercial ventures. They prepare the ideas for market, including de-risking and due diligence, establishing initial proof of concept, prototyping and development of minimal viable products. And they engage with our current and potential industry partners.

To arrange for one of our LCI Associates to present our latest opportunities contact IP Commercialisation and Incubator Manager, Brigita Jurisic.

Innovate with IP Licensing

Speed up your business's innovation or find new ways to expand through a licence to use the results of our academic work and Intellectual Property.

Explore our current opportunities

Back our spin-outs and start-ups

Bring your investment skills and entrepreneurship to some truly innovative businesses – our varied portfolio of spin-out companies and companies created by leading academics.

These companies develop research discoveries into commercial products and services, creating economic and social benefits as well as excellent investments.

Add cutting-edge ideas to your portfolio. Discover our current spin-outs