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About City

Alaa Abdul Hussain Al-Daragi

Centre for Creative Writing, Translation and Publishing, Department of Journalism

E: Alaa.Al-Daragi.1@city.ac.uk

PhD title: Tensions between didacticism, entertainment and translatorial practices: deletion and omission in the Arabic translations of Harry Potter.

Supervisor: ‏Dr Karen Seago (first supervisor) and Dr Julie Wheelwright (second supervisor)

Brief Description of the research topic

The main foci of this study are the deletions, summarisations (actual textual or linguistic units that are deleted) and omissions (meaning or semantic load that is omitted) that occur in the Arabic translation of the Harry Potter fantasy series in the context of translation of children’s literature from English into Arabic.

The study reveals that these trends are, in fact, strongly related and directly linked to didacticism, norms, conventions and the level of professionalism of translation of children’s literature in the Arab world. The study views translators’ interventions as part of systems and norms in order to situate the text in the receiving culture, thus creating an acceptable TT to an Arab child whose presumed cognitive ability is underestimated in the TT in comparison with the ST. The aim of this research is to examine the impact and effect of these trends on the translation as a whole.

Research interests

Translation of fantasy literature


  • B.A. English literature University of Baghdad (2000)
  • M.A. Bilingual translation University of Westminster (2005)
  • P.hD. Translation studies (currently awaiting for Viva)