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About City

Validation and Partnerships

Validation and Partnerships form the University's collaborative provision: educational activity that leads to City, University of London award (or credit) and is delivered, supported and/or assessed through an arrangement with a partner organisation either in the UK or overseas.

City engages in a variety of different types of collaborative provision including:

  • Validation - this activity is managed centrally through the leadership of the Academic Director (Collaborative Provision).
  • Partnerships - this is overseen by the Deputy President (Education).  Deans of Schools have day-to-day responsibility for any award- or credit-bearing partnership activity. This includes:
    • Joint Programmes
    • Franchised Programmes
    • Articulated Provision
    • Access/Feeder Programmes
    • Off-site programme delivery

All collaborative provision will be underpinned by a Memorandum of Agreement.

Ultimate strategic responsibility for all collaborative provision lies with the City's Executive Committee including responsibility for signing-off any proposed new activity.

Student and Academic Services provides administrative management for validation and institutional-level partnerships. In addition, it provides support to Schools on new and on-going partnership activity.