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Senior People at City

The Lord Mayor of London - Rector of City, University of London

Lord Mayor of London 2015 to 2016 Alderman The Lord MountevansAlderman Dr Andrew Parmley became the 689th Lord Mayor of the City of London and Rector of City, University of London on Friday 11th November 2016.

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Chair of Council - Mr Rob Woodward

Mr Woodward is the Chair of Council and leads its members to meet their collective responsibilities and fulfil their role as Charity trustees.

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Council is the governing body of City, University of London. 

Council is ultimately responsible for the affairs of City.  Council's role is to determine the City's mission and ensure it meets its objectives for education, research and enterprise.

The Rector, Chair of the Council, Deputy Chair of Council, President, independent members and members drawn from staff and students sit on Council.

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President - Professor Sir Paul Curran

The President is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership and management of City and the leadership of its academic and professional staff.

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Executive Team

The Executive Team assists the President in the strategic and operational leadership and management of City.

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Dr William Jordan - College Secretary

nullDr William Jordan became College Secretary in September 2015. His role is to administer and support the Council and its Committees and he reports to the Chair of Council.

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