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City students join online programme providing 24-hour live coverage of the US election

City students hosted a segment of the show which analysed every twist and turn of the US election

by Matthew Little (Communications Officer)

A team of students from City, University of London joined a 24-hour live online show inviting experts and students from across the world to debate and analyse the live US Presidential Election as it happened.

The project which was hosted by the University of South Wales, was run in collaboration with 3PH Group Production and media professionals and is being sponsored by City and the British International Studies Association.

Teams of students from 12 different universities across the globe interviewed experts, political pundits and engaged in panel discussions to answer the key questions of the election, whether Donald Trump will win a second stint in the White House, or if Joe Biden will take over the reins.

Each university worked remotely in their teams, providing a 90-minute segment on their chosen topic, which ran in parallel with the live US Election.

Team City at the University of South Wales US election event Team City at the University of South Wales US election event

Team City, focused their segment on the inequalities of power, class, race, and gender as they play out in the election and US politics in general; and the role of powerful elites in US foreign policy.

“My colleagues and I are very thankful for the amazing opportunity to present our perspective on the elite-driven nature of the US Election”, said third year student Albert-Constantin Bărbulescu (BA International Politics)

“I was confident that Joe Biden would be the next President. This outcome was covered extensively during our broadcast, including in marquee segments such as the all-female panel on race and gender inequality.

“This broadcast has been a team effort, brought to fruition by the great work done by over 20 students and academics. I believe that the great level of diversity present on the broadcast is a fantastic achievement that City should be extremely proud of.”

Helping to prepare the students, Professor Inderjeet Parmar said: “This was the most consequential US election in living memory. It has happened at the time of a global pandemic, centred on the US, and highlighted the crises of American government and global leadership.

“Our students are therefore working together at a time when they are physically separated by that very pandemic, yet united in working together in analysing and debating the world’s pivotal state.

“Our students, alongside their international counterparts, have analysed some of the biggest questions in world politics today.”

Participating universities included: City, University of London; Birmingham University; the University of East Anglia (UEA); the University of Stirling; Loughborough University; SOAS University of London; University of Otago; University of Sydney; Pune University; University of São Paulo; Cameron University of Oklahoma.

For more information see International Politics at City.

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