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About City


Global Law@City is an interdisciplinary research series which takes places annually in the Spring/Summer semester at City Law School. The seminars, dialogues, book talks and conferences have a broad mix of speakers approaching the idea of law beyond the State, from a variety of perspectives and approaches.

Global Law@City is additionally run as a collaboration between the Institute for International Law and Global Affairs and the Institute for the Study of European Law (ISEL).

Research Dialogue Series

This year’s Global Law Research Dialogue Series focusses upon regional approaches to law-making, cyber law-making and methodology, example topical case studies, contemporary political problems and eternal legal methodology issues with global law. It draws together an array of scholars from public and private law, governance, science and technology, political economy and practice to reflect upon our understanding of law beyond the Nation State. All events are free and open to the public and feature a diversity of guests and City scholars.

New Events Summer 2019 - to be announced shortly

Regional Approaches to International Law

Cyber Law-Making

Comparative Methodology

Past Events Conferences 2018

EU Foreign Policy, Brexit and Transatlantic Relations

21 November, 2018

Speaker: Dr Joris Larik, Leiden University

Modelling convergence of the EU with the world: taking, receiving and becoming EU law

2 November, 2018

Past Events Seminars 2016/2017

UN Law Global law? Views from theory, fieldwork and practice

Tuesday 9th May, 4pm - 6pm

This session reflects on the concept of whether UN law is global law? How do we make sense of the local and global, and the question of accountability?

Speaker: Professor Rosa Freedman, University of Reading

Speaker: Dr. Devika Hovell, Associate Professor in Public International Law, London School of Economics

Discussant: Dr. Elaine Fahey, Reader in Law and Associate Dean, City, University of London, Nikki Walsh Senior Lecturer City Law School, City, University of London

Chair: Dr. Ioannis Kalpouzos, Lecturer in Law, City, University of London

Understanding, framing, naming, shaming, de-framing inter-disciplinarity and Globalisation: Book talk on the relationship between law and the international political economy

Tuesday 23rd May,  6pm - 8pm

Three authors of the recent Research Handbook on Political Economy & Law edited by John Haskell (Edward Elgar, 2016)  discuss their chapters on method, followed by a discussion by Prof. Poul Kjaer on methodological approaches.

Speaker:  Dr John Haskell, Manchester University

Speaker: Dr Grietje Baars, City, University of London

Discussant: Professor Poul Kjaer, Copenhagen Business School

Speaker: Dr. Antonio Andreoni, SOAS

Charting the Migration of Legal Ideas from the US to the EU: Indirect Discrimination as a Case Study

Wednesday 31st May, 1pm - 3pm

In this talk Dr Tourkochoriti discusses the way legal ideas migrate from legal system to legal system within global legal thought. Focusing on the legal concepts of indirect discrimination and disparate impact, Dr Tourkochoriti examines how US legal doctrine has influenced recent case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Speaker: Dr Ioanna Tourkochoriti (NUI Galway)

Chair: Dr Luke McDonagh (City, University of London)

The UK and the Global Reach of EU Law: The UK as Future EU Rule-Taker and the Brexit Debate. Book Talk

Monday 26th June, 1pm - 2.30pm June

Elaine Fahey, in a book talk, outlines two recent book publications, reflecting upon the global dimension to EU law and its global reach (The Global Reach of EU Law (Routledge, 2016) and Framing the Subjects and Objects of EU Law (co-edited with S. Bardutzky, Edward Elgar, 2017).

Speaker: Dr Elaine Fahey, City, University of London

A global cyberlaw? The regulation of the internet, internet of things, big data and global speech

This event discusses Prof. Hildebrandt’s seminal Modern Law Review article, attempting to integrate from an interdisciplinary perspective, the challenge of law, information and data (Hildebrandt Mireille. (2016) Law as information in the era of data-driven agency. The Modern Law Review (1) 79(1): 1-30).

Wednesday 5th July, 6pm - 8pm

Discussants: Professor Andrew Murray, London School of Economics, Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh, Newcastle Law School

Speaker: Professor Mireille Hildebrandt, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Radboud University Nijmegen

Chair: Dr David Mangan, City, University of London

Past Events 2015/2016