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Presentation Skills Short Course

Key information

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Delivery of this module will be online due to government-issued guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic and may be made available face-to-face subject to Public Health England recommendations. Please submit your application and, once reviewed by the module leader, you will receive more specific information about the online delivery of your module and assessments.

City’s popular Presentation Skills short course has given countless people the confidence to give winning speeches. Now that so much communication has moved online, this course will help you make an impact on Zoom as well as face-to-face.

Why choose this course?

Being able to deliver confident presentations is an essential life skill that has not disappeared over Lockdown. Many participants attend because they realise that will not be able to advance in their careers if they continue to avoid facing an audience, but have not yet overcome their fears.

Alternatively, some participants are already competent but understand that developing mastery will enable them to demonstrate real leadership within their organisations and with external stakeholders. With webinars and remote presentations becoming the new normal, you may feel you need help transferring your skills to a new medium.

This interactive presentation skills course helps you develop skills for crafting persuasive presentations and delivering speeches with lasting impact. The programme combines insights and techniques for an effective preparation process with opportunities to put these into practice.

Taught twice a week over 7 weeks as 14 bite-size evening classes over Microsoft Teams, the course offers flexibility combined with expert tuition to take public speaking to the next level.

Course overview

This interactive and practical Presentation Skills short course helps you prepare your message or speech and get ready for the challenge, with constructive feedback from the tutor and the rest of the group throughout the course.

We have had many successful students enrol and take the learnings and skills from the course and put them into practice.  Enrolling on the Presentation Skills course can really make a difference to public speaking confidence and skills.

  • “ Excellent tutor, very good course. Interesting and motivating ”


    Former student

  • “ This is the best value for money that I have had in a very long while. an immersive experience that has transformed the way in which I view and approach presentations. I am already searching for additional courses and content to further enhance my presentation skills. Thank you Karen! ”


    Former student

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

Over the duration of the Presentation Skills short course, you will learn new approaches and techniques, including:

  • Clarifying your objectives - what do you want your audience to feel, think and do?
  • Developing an effective preparation process;
  • Structuring a clear, concise and persuasive message;
  • Exploring creative approaches which make an impact;
  • Storytelling, and how to use it to make your argument more persuasive;
  • Deploying rhetorical devices and imagery to make your message stick;
  • Handling nerves and eliminating physical tension, using techniques from psychology and the dramatic arts;
  • Build rapport and credibility through how you broadcast your voice and physical presence;
  • Preparing slides that tell a persuasive visual story;
  • Understanding the strategic value of making presentations;
  • Practice delivering prepared messages onscreen, with feedback and recommendations.

Topics covered:

Week 1

Introductions & Objectives

Session 1.1  (1½ hours)

*Establishing your own challenges and objectives
*Course overview

Session 1.2  (1½ hours)

*Introducing yourself to an audience – first brief self-presentation to group
*Exploring fundamental principles

Week 2

Preparing your message

Session 2.1  (1½ hours)

  • Developing a preparation process
  • Tailoring your presentation for the audience
  • Structuring content into a persuasive sequence
  • Framing and signposting
  • Suggested templates to adapt to suit your purpose

Session 2.2  (1½ hours)

  • The use of storytelling
  • Storytelling practice and feedback

Week 3

Engaging a remote audience

Session 3.1  (1½ hours)

  • What are the differences between remote and real-life presentations?
  • Basics of composing your onscreen presence – backgrounds and lighting
  • Visual storytelling through your slides

Session 3.2 (1½ hours)

  • First opportunity to present your own mini-webinar, for feedback from the group and tutor

Week 4

Establishing your onscreen presence

Session 4.1 (1½ hours)

  • Breathing for easing nerves and tension
  • Developing better posture through a physical warm-up

Session 4.2  (1½ hours)

  • Voice workout
  • Practice making an impact with your voice and presence

Week 5

Using rhetoric

Session 5.1 (1½ hours)

  • Using imagery to memorable, persuasive effect
  • Making your message stick through rhythm, balance and repetition

Session 5.2 (1½ hours)

  • Exploring rhetoric case studies
  • Tips for creating your own soundbites

Week 6

Your individual presentations

Session 6.1 & Session 6.2 (1½ hours each session)

  • Practice delivering your final presentation
  • Feedback and coaching on your own individual presentations

Week 7

Your individual presentations

Session 7.1 (1 hour)

  • Practice delivering your final presentation
  • Feedback and coaching on your own individual presentations

Session 7.2 (1 hour)

  • Consolidation
  • Next steps



English requirements

Good written and spoken English are required on this Presentation Skills course.

Teaching & assessment

Teaching & assessment

Teaching will blend tutor presentations, group and pair activities guided by your tutor, questions and answers sessions and some brief individual time with your tutor. Informal assessment will take place through student presentations with recommendations for further ongoing development.

Recommended reading

Recommended reading

  • Chris Anderson (2016) TED Talks, Headline
  • Bobette Buster (2013) Do/Story, The Do Book Company
  • Stephen Denning (2007) The Secret Language Of Leadership, Jossey-Bass
  • Susan Cain (2012) Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Won’t Stop Talking, Penguin
  • Patsy Rodenberg (1992) The Right To Speak, Routledge,
  • Ed. Brian MacArthur (1999) The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Speeches, Penguin Books.
  • Professor Max Atkinson (2004) Lend Me Your Ears Vermillion, London,
  • Sam Leith (2011) You Talkin’ To Me? Profile Books
  • Malcolm Gladwell (2000) The Tipping Point, Abacus
  • Tony & Barry Buzan (BBC,1993, 2000) The Mind Map Book
  • Carmine Gallo (2010) The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience (McGraw-Hill Books)

Tutor information

  • Karen Glossop

    Karen Glossop was born in Toronto, Canada. She read Classics at Cambridge University and trained as an actor at Mountview. Since 1997, Karen has been developing people’s skills in public speaking, influencing and leadership.

    She trains groups and coaches individuals across the corporate, public and non-profit sectors.

    Under the banner of Resonance Training, Karen has worked with varied clients including: TfL; TechUK; SOAS; Birkbeck Institute of Social Research; eircom, Ireland; PwC; Harrison Varma; Broadley Speaking; Forrester Research; Eduserv; House of Commons; Totality; Barclays Bank; Domestic & General; Invesco Global; Johnson & Johnson; Rio Tinto; Citizens Advice Bureau.

    Karen is a Consultant at the Centre of Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School.

    She also contributes regularly as a tutor on leadership programmes at London Business School and Said Business School, Oxford.

    As well as working as a training consultant, Karen is co-artistic director of award-winning theatre company, Wishbone.

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