Career perspectives

Every business needs an accountant. So being a qualified accountant means you can choose the industry you want to work in. Accounting and finance covers economics, statistics, taxation, assurance and law. If that’s where your interests lie, accountancy could be for you.

With an accounting and finance degree you have a choice of career paths. You can work within an organisation as their dedicated accountant, managing their budgets and financial forecasting.

You can also become a chartered accountant and work in more of a consultancy role, which involves tasks like auditing a company’s accounts to make sure they’re following the law.

Other common career paths include working as a management consultant or business analyst, or in accounting or finance jobs within the public and charity sectors.

You’re also prepared for roles as a tax advisor or financial analyst. Some graduates go on to postgraduate studies, with the option of adding an international angle or actuarial science to their MSc in accounting and finance.

Why study Accounting at City?