1. Postgraduate Applicants: BPTC
  2. Preparing for PG study at City

Preparing for PG study at City

Once you have confirmed and registered, you can look ahead to starting with us. Here you can find out more about timetables, key dates for your calendar and reading lists.

Preparing to start

On Registration Day you will complete the formalities of registration, this will include checking all students eligibility to study in the UK (so you will need to bring your passport/visa), and issuing your student card. The first batch of course materials will also be distributed including a number of text books.

The schedule for Registration Day 2018 is yet to be finalised but it's likely there will be other induction activities scheduled on this day including an introductory talk from the Course Director.

There is no required preparation prior to the course. Before joining the BPTC you will have completed a Qualifying Law Degree or the Graduate Diploma in Law, which will have covered the most important legal subjects, particularly crime, contract, tort and, to some extent, land law. Knowledge of the fundamentals of these subjects will therefore be assumed on the BPTC, and you will be doing a range of exercises in which you will be applying law from these areas in advising and representing clients. It may be advisable that you ensure that your understanding of these subjects is refreshed, because on the BPTC the focus will be on using the law in order to achieve results for your clients, rather than in developing your understanding of the law. If you have studied evidence before, you may wish to revise your knowledge of it too, as it is an essential part of life at the Bar, but there is no need to have any detailed knowledge of this subject as it is taught on the BPTC.

Receiving your timetable

You will be emailed your timetable for Registration (14th September for full-time students and 12th September for part-time students) and Induction Week (the week commencing 17th September) in late August/early September. Timetables for the remainder of Term 1 will be issued during Induction Week.

Timetables for the remainder of Term 1 will be issued during Induction Week.  Please note that it is a Bar Standards Board requirement that you are taught in tutorial groups of 12 (6 for Advocacy); this means we cannot finalise your group and, therefore, your personal timetable, until we know exactly who has registered.

Full-time students

You will be timetabled for classes three days per week, with one day guaranteed to be free from teaching (your 'Preparation Day', available for research, preparation and professional development activities) and one further clear day in most weeks, but on which you may occasionally have timetabled teaching. Students should be aware that some activities might be scheduled on their Preparation Day, for example assessments, etc.

Students will be allocated a Preparation Day at the start of the course. It is not possible to choose your Preparation Day, however if you have special circumstances, such as medical requirements, religious observance, childcare or travel arrangements, which may result in you having difficulty attending on a particular day, please inform the School, and where possible we will attempt to accommodate them.

All requests should be sent to the Timetabling Department at cls-gip-timetabling@city.ac.uk by the end of July.

You can expect one early (9am) start each week. The timetable is designed so that all students have an equal share of early classes. Other than in exceptional circumstances, students are not permitted to alter any timetabled classes. Classes will be spread through the day, with no more than four hours' consecutive teaching. There may be occasional 7.30pm finishes, particularly during Options teaching at the end of the course, but normally classes finish by 6pm.

You will be asked to choose your options in October. The teaching of the Option subjects takes place in the final term. Your choice of options will result in a change of tutorial group. New timetables will be issued for the Options period based on your chosen subjects.

NB: When Options are taught, your Preparation Day may change. It may not be possible to accommodate special requirements regarding non-teaching days during the Options period, however we will endeavour to continue similar arrangements where possible.

Part-time students

You will be timetabled for classes on two evenings a week during term-time. For students starting the course in 2018, classes will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings throughout the course. Classes will normally run from 6pm to 9pm.

Daytime attendance will be required for unseen and oral skills assessments, the exam assessment timetable will be given to you at the start of the course.

In the final term of your second year of the course you will complete your Options. Please note that during this period some teaching may take place on other evenings, this is to maximise the choice of options available to part-time students. You will still only need to attend on two evenings.

Reading lists

There is no set reading list for the BPTC. You will be issued with course materials at appropriate points during the course, including at Registration. These materials will include key text books.