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portrait of Dr Angeliki Bogosian

Dr Angeliki Bogosian

Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

School of Health Sciences, Division of Health Services Research and Management

Contact Information


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Senior lecturer in Health Psychology and Director of Doctorate in Health Psychology

Professional Registrations

Registered Health Psychologist, Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration no: PYL29522

Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society (BPS) membership no: 221 776

Registered Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors, British Psychological Society (BPS)


  1. Senior lecturer, City University of London, Aug 2017 – present
  2. Lecturer in Health Psychology, City, University of London, Oct 2014 – Aug 2017


Research interests

My research focuses on how individuals and families adjust when affected by a long-term health condition, especially multiple sclerosis (MS). I am also involved in developing and evaluating mindfulness interventions to improve adjustment in people with long-term conditions.

Research methods I have used include: qualitative methods (thematic analysis/ grounded theory); cognitive interviewing; questionnaire development and psychometric validation; longitudinal quantitative methods (multilevel modeling); single case experimental design; systematic review; randomised control trial; neuro-imaging.

Current and past projects

Mindfulness to tackle anxiety and depression in Parkinson's (Start 01.09.2015, Duration 12 months; Source: Parkinson's UK innovation grant (K-1409); Amount: £32,795; Applicants: Bogosian, A.(PI), Hurt, C., Hindle, J.)

A longitudinal mixed methods approach to the study of adjustment to primary and secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS)(Start 01.12.2013, Duration 36 months; Source: Multiple Sclerosis Society; Amount: £164,243.00; Applicants: Bogosian, A.(PI), Moss-Morris, R., Chadwick, P., Norton, S.)

Mindfulness Intervention for Multiple Sclerosis: Measuring MRI related changes. (Start 15.10.2012, Duration 5 months; Source: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Mental Health Biomedical Research Centre; Amount: £20,000; Applicants: Bogosian, A. (PI), Antonova, E., Moss-Morris, R., Chadwick, P.)

Development and preliminary evaluation of a self-management programme for different types of pain in Multiple Sclerosis (Start: 01.10. 2012; Duration: 3 years; Source: Multiple Sclerosis Society (967/12); Amount: £77,942; Applicants: Moss-Morris, R. (PI), Bogosian, A., Harrison, A., McCracken, L.)

The development and pilot evaluation of mindfulness based cognitive therapy for people affected by primary and secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (01.04.2012; Duration: 20 months; Source: Multiple Sclerosis Society (961/11); Amount: £91,655; Applicants: Moss-Morris, R. (PI), Bogosian, A., McCrone, P., Chadwick, P.)

Psychosocial and illness factors, which influence adjustment in adolescents with a parent with MS: A phase one modelling study (Start: 01.01.2009; Duration: 36 months; Source: Multiple Sclerosis Society (906/08); Amount: £68,887; Applicants: Moss-Morris, R. (PI) & Bogosian, A.)

Research Students

Lucy Ashworth

Attendance: Sep 2015 – present, part-time

Thesis title: Public's perceptions on medication side effects.

Role: 1st Supervisor

Owen Cooper

Attendance: Sep 2014 – Jul 2019, part-time

Thesis title: Hearing when deaf: An investigation into health-related quality of life in children with cochlear implants

Role: 1st Supervisor

Suhana Begum

Attendance: Sep 2014 – Dec 2018, part-time

Thesis title: The development and evaluation of behaviour change intervention for stopping khat use

Role: 1st Supervisor

Ilham Khan

Thesis title: Views on cigarette smoking relapse: A qualitative study

Faisal Satti

Thesis title: Adherence in individuals with schizophrenia

Anne Coxon

Thesis title: Smoking cessation support needs in a brain injury population



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