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Campus comes to life
Campus Life Series: Announcements

Campus comes to life - 2018 review

Students, graduates and alumni celebrated a successful 2018, where City’s campus came to life.

by Matthew Little (Communications Officer)

1. The NBA came to town

The Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers who clashed at the O2 arena in January spent the week training at CitySport.

Three of City’s Basketball Team captains got the opportunity to meet the players and watch them train.

Aastha Mehta (LLB, Law) and co-captain of the City female basketball team, said: “It was a really cool experience to watch the Celtics, especially as they are not in London very often, so to see them up close was really nice.

“It was amazing being so close to Kyrie Irving, it is much better seeing him in real life than watching on television!”

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2. Don’t suffer alone

“You would not ignore a broken arm or another physical injury, so it is important to not ignore your mental health.”

To mark University Mental Health Awareness Day in March, Arael, (BSc, Speech and Language Science), lifted the lid on her experiences with anxiety, and offered advice to other students on how they can seek help and overcome their battles with mental health at university.

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3. City at the Gold Coast

Cheriece Hylton, (BSc, Business Management), reflected on her studies, training and social life as she represented Team England at the Commonwealth Games in Australia in April.

Cheriece said: “I think the qualities that I have gained with my studies and training has instilled discipline in me. I am very strict with my time management and realise that I cannot afford to fall behind in both my training and revision.

“I know that if I go to my lectures I have to write up my notes, the same way that if I am preparing for a race I need to be out training on the track.”

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4. City alumna’s art exhibition helping rape survivors

Elisa Iannacone, (Ma, International Journalism, 2013), showcased her exhibition exploring the power of art when expressing trauma.

The exhibition, which was inspired by Elisa’s own experiences with sexual assault, presents 24 images which each highlight individual colours in the colour wheel and depict the thoughts of sexual assault survivors.

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5. Daring to be different

Helena Hicks, (BA, Journalism), reflected on her love for F1 and the challenges she has faced as a woman in the world of motorsport.

Helena who also became a press officer at the Michelin Clio Cup went on to start Females in Motorsport – a website that tells the stories of women working and competing in motorsport.

Since its creation in January 2018, the website has had over 80,000 views and reached over 2.5 million people on Twitter alone.

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6. Love at first sight

A married couple who met on their ophthalmic optics course returned to City for the Golden Anniversary Alumni Celebration in May.
Ted and Kathy Kemplen, (Dip, Ophthalmic Optics, 1967), joined over 50 other alumni in returning to see what has changed at City over the last 50 years.

Kathy said: “One thing I remember about our halls was that it was a very social place. There were always dances happening in the evening and someone was always organising an event.

“There was the yearly May Ball, where a band would come and perform for us, I remember dancing with Ted every year at the ball.”

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7. Cass students speak in first of its kind essay competition

Cass students took part in an inaugural essay competition, where they were tasked with writing about their experiences of multicultural life at Cass and in London.

Aadit Shah’s, (BSc, Business Studies), took home first prize on the day. In his essay, Aadit provoked discussion around the question ‘where are you from,’ as he drew on his own experiences of growing up in multicultural South London with Indian parents.

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8. Keeping graduation in the family

Life at City can spread internationally, including Dubai where husband and wife, Chijyoti Challamarad and Anamika Gupta, (Executive MBA, 2018), graduated on the same day in June.

Chijyoti and Anamika donned their hats and gowns to join more than 40 students who took the stage to collect their degree certificates during City's ninth Dubai graduation ceremony.

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9. Law student rules the waves by a whisker

Rufus Scholefield, (GDL, Law) and part of Team GB Men’s Eight Rowing Team, took home gold at the FISU World University Championship in Shanghai in August.

Rufus and his Great Britain teammates competed against Holland, Italy, China and America before bettering Poland in the final by three seconds to secure the top prize.

Rufus said: “City has been an enormous help to my rowing career. Studying Law at one of the UK’s top postgraduate law schools can be challenging – especially when you have to juggle essays and exams with training!”

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10. This City Girl Can!

The national campaign encouraging women to take part in sports and get active came to City in November.

The This Girl Can campaign encouraged City’s female members of staff and students to get involved in sports that they may not have had the opportunity to try.

Anne Onwusiri, (MSc, Speech and Language Therapy), said: “It is nice to be around women who encourage sports, as sometimes when you step on a rugby pitch or into a gym it is easy to think that you are not allowed to be there, but doing sport with other women is reassuring and encouraging.”

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