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Two City economists join new Ofgem advisory panel

Dr Xeni Dassiou and Dr Albert Banal-Estanol to offer insight on policy development


Xeni DassiouTwo City economists have been appointed to a new advisory panel at the regulator of the UK’s energy industry, Ofgem.

Dr Xeni Dassiou and Dr Albert Banal-Estanol, of the Department of Economics, have joined the body’s Academic Panel.

Ofgem, which protects the interests of electricity and gas consumers, says the group of nine academics will meet every six months to “provide insight and challenge to Ofgem’s strategic thinking and early-stage policy development”.

The City economists will also work with the organisation’s policy teams and analysts as part of a wider initiative to increase engagement with the academic community.

Dr Dassiou: "Having not one but two City academics on Ofgem’s panel sends a clear signal of the importance of the work by the Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy in the department, and cements the university’s engagement with competition and regulation policy formation and enterprise.”

Albert Banal-EstanolDr Banal-Estanol said: “I am delighted to be offered the opportunity to work with policy teams and analysts at Ofgem. As an academic, this is a unique opportunity to help develop policy options and analyse their impacts.”

The economists said the move would give a boost to their research.

“Clearly this is going to provide invaluable insights which we can use to enhance our academic research,” said Dr Dassiou.

The Academic Panel includes people with a range of expertise, including regulatory economics, competition economics, behavioural economics including designing and conducting experimental research, statistics and econometrics, and economic evaluation.

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