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awards reception at the Professional Mentoring Awards 2016
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“My mentor will influence my path for years to come”

Mentors and mentees have shared their inspiring stories at the Professional Mentoring Awards


City’s Professional Mentoring Scheme gives students the chance to be mentored by people in professions they want to get into.

The scheme is the largest of its kind running in a UK university, with mentors working at organisations like the NHS, Blackrock, Capco, Q8 and the British Transport Police.

The University’s annual Professional Mentoring Awards aim to reward people who have participated in the initiative. During the event, three mentors and three mentees were given prizes and shared their inspiring mentoring experiences.

The awards are held to recognise the “commitment that mentors and mentees put into their relationship,” said Ben Butler, Student Development Manager.

“The mentors generously give two of their most valuable resources, their time and attention, to individual students for a period spanning six to nine months. The mentees have to find time alongside their studies, paid work and other commitments and have to admit challenges they face and weaknesses that they want to work on.”

“On the whole, this kind of commitment is remarkable because it is unusual. We want to make every effort to show that we appreciate this dedication to and from our students.”

Mentee winners

“My mentee smashed all of her goals”

Victoria Crane, Banking and International Finance
November Wave Mentee Winner

Mentored by Tomasz Bilakiewicz

Victoria CraneTomasz nominated Victoria for an award because she “smashed all of her goals” including her ultimate objective - to secure an industrial placement.

During the year, Tomasz helped Victoria to gain confidence, so she could deliver well-structured presentations to large audiences. She then used her new skills to secure an “incredible placement” in the finance department of the NHS.

Watching Victoria achieve her goals was a “priceless experience”, said Tomasz.

“The moment Victoria realised she has great skills, a truly outstanding personality and attitude to life, and is on track to obtain a world-class degree – that was the highlight for me.”

“The most enthusiastic and motivated mentee I have ever worked with”

Claudia Romeo, Journalism
February Mentee Winner

Mentored by Linda Sills

Claudia’s mentor Linda described her as a “terrific candidate for the scheme, and a great example of the kind of person City should be cultivating and promoting.”

During the year, Claudia managed to secure multiple job offers in a short time, thanks Linda says, to her attitude and the way she made her own opportunities.

“I have mentored many interns and students and I can say without hesitation, that this person is one of the most enthusiastic and motivated mentees I have ever worked with. Even ghastly early morning starts did not deter her!”

“A blossoming of confidence and talent”

Jessica Teague, Culture, Policy and Management
Postgraduate Wave Mentee Winner

Mentored by Del Ruby Winter

Jessica TeagueJessica’s mentor helped her to take on the challenge of a move into a new career direction. Jessica was given the award for her commitment to learning and putting “preconceptions on the back shelf in order to take a leap into the unknown.”

This inspiring attitude, Del Ruby said, “transferred Jessica from a fairly shy person, unsure of how to take a step forward, to a more confident woman, aware of her gifts, and more ready to share them.”

Del Ruby said this “blossoming of confidence and talent” has inspired her as a mentor.

Mentor winners 2016

“My mentor motivated me to fight for my dreams.”

Sepi Roshan, founder of Astute Radio
November Wave Mentor Winner

Sepi RoshanMentored Maia Bondici

Working with Sepi, Maia said, made her aware of how important it is for young women to have a positive role model in society.

Maia said: “My mentor was the one who taught me how to accept my personality and who I am and what I stand for. I should never try to be someone else just to please my employer or anyone around me. We need people like my mentor, to motivate us to fight for our dreams and what we stand for.”

“My mentor set a great example for me to follow”

Zoe Winsey, Business Psychologist, ETS PLC
February Mentor Winner

Zoe WinseyMentored Gerda Storpirstyle

As an overseas student, Gerda had concerns that her English skills might not be as advanced as native speakers. She worried that this would hamper her chances of working and studying where she wanted to.

Gerda said her mentor Zoe taught her how to overcome her fears and deal with the various obstacles she may face in life.

“I have taken my mentor’s abilities and skills as an example to follow. Zoe has empowered me not only as a student but also a person.”

“My mentor will influence my path for years to come”

Del Ruby Winter, Associate Director, White Cube

Post Graduate Wave Mentor Winner

Del Ruby WinterMentored Jessica Teague

Del Ruby mentored Jessica Teague, helping her to make a career plan. Through monthly working session, they set goals, made a timeline for actions and looked for opportunities to build skills and network. Del Ruby also helped Jessica to reflect on disappointments and consider “outside of the box” career pathways.

Jessica describes Del Ruby as “THE person” throughout her postgraduate journey and life over the past year. “I have no doubt that my experience as a mentee - the skills I have learned, the opportunities I’ve had and the professional and personal growth – will resonate and influence my path for years to come.”

For more information about the Professional Mentoring Scheme and to sign up to be a mentor or mentee, visit the Mentoring webpage.

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