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James Cameron Award given to Financial Times' Martin Wolf

Financial Times Chief Economics Commentator Martin Wolf receives James Cameron Award 2012.Special posthumous award for Marie Colvin
by Ben Sawtell

Financial Times Chief Economics Commentator and Associate Editor Martin Wolf was announced as the recipient of the James Cameron Memorial Award for 2012 at City University London last night, in recognition of his significant contribution to financial journalism.

The award is given in memory of prominent British journalist James Cameron, who passed away in 1985. It includes a prize of £1,000 funded by the James Cameron Memorial Trust and is given before the annual James Cameron Memorial Lecture held at City.

On receiving the award, which was presented by Moni Cameron, James Cameron's widow, Mr Wolf said: "I am very honoured to receive an award named after such a great journalist. This award shows a welcome recognition of the importance of economic journalism in these difficult times."

This year there was also a special posthumous award for Marie Colvin, the American journalist who worked for the The Sunday Times from 1985 until her death while covering the siege of Homs in Syria earlier this year.

Editor of the Sunday Times John Witherow, who accepted the award on Ms Colvin's behalf, said: "James Cameron was brave, shrewd, charismatic and irrepressible and nothing could better describe Marie Colvin; those two were made for each other.

"Marie went to Syria, as she had other war zones, and many people asked 'is it worth it?' Like James Cameron, I'm sure she wouldn't have hesitated in saying 'yes, it's always worth it. We have to be there on the front line.'"

Mr Witherow said that the prize that comes with the award will be donated to the fund set up by Marie Colvin's family following her death.

Professor George Brock, Head of Journalism at City University London, said of Martin Wolf's award: "The judges this year reached a rapid consensus that, dramatic as events had been in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, that the story which mattered was the global financial crisis. 

We were looking for a journalist who combined moral vision and professional integrity, who is intellectually subversive and capable of powerful use of language. We chose a journalist whose prose style is unlike James Cameron's but who leads the field in the qualities I've listed."

And on the award for Marie Colvin: "This award has sometimes been made posthumously and so it is this evening. We considered it fitting recognition for a career of extraordinary bravery, insightful and vivid reporting and dedication to the reporter's craft. "

Following the award ceremony the Cameron Lecture itself was given by influential Indian journalist Narasimhan 'N.Ram' Ram 'Sharing the Best and the Worst: The Indian news media in a global context'

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