The book is titled Making with Data: Physical Design and Craft in a Data-driven World.

By Mr John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer), Published


Reader in Computer interaction in the School of Science and Technology, Dr Alex Taylor, has co-authored a chapter in the new book, Making with Data: Physical Design and Craft in a Data-driven World.

596521Dr Taylor - Co-director of City’s Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCID) – alongside David Sweeney and Sian Lindley, has written ‘The Tenison Road Charts’, which visualizes data generated within a residential community in Cambridge, UK, using robotic versions of familiar pie and bar charts.

Making with Data is the first book of its kind to showcase the creative process behind physical representations of data - providing a snapshot of the diverse practices contemporary designers, researchers, and artists are using to produce objects, spaces, and experiences imbued with data.

The book is divided into five themes (Handcraft, Participation, Digital Production, Actuation, and the Environment), each with an introduction that considers the broader social, scientific, and artistic implications of giving physical form to data.

In particular, Making with Data explores the process by which those artifacts are created, surfacing the design decisions, considerations, methods, and fabrication techniques that modern creatives use when making with data.


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