The City Law School mooting team places second in the recent International Migration and Refugee Moot held at Ghent University in Belgium.

By Mr John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer), Published


The team of students representing The City Law School at the International Migration and Refugee Moot held at Ghent University in Belgium in March 2022 placed second overall.

Comprising Ciara Coleman, Rosa Thomas, Rebecca Moon and Adithi Shenava, the quartet was also judged as having submitted the Best Written Pleadings for the Respondent.

Mooting describes the exercise of students taking part in simulated court proceedings, which involves drafting written submissions or ‘pleadings’ on both sides of the case and participating in oral argument.

40 teams of four entered the moot by way of written pleadings for both Applicant and Respondent based on the fictitious case of a national of the Syrian Arab Republic asking for international protection in the People’s Republic of Kalakuta.

12 teams were then selected for the oral rounds based on their pleadings.

The case also proved to be highly topical at a time when the process for Ukrainian refugees to enter the UK has been the focus of much scrutiny and criticism.

Commenting on behalf of the team Ciara – also judged best pleader - said:

"It was an excellent opportunity for gaining advocacy experience and being exposed to a new legal area. It was also a great experience to travel and meet teams from all over the world."


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