MSc student Mengjia sees an exciting future for female business analysts in London and around the world.

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Mengjia Hang is studying towards an MSc in Business Analytics at Cass Business School, meaning she spends more time than most looking at numbers, codes and statistics.

But when she is not studying, you will find the Cass Global Women's Leadership Programme Scholar at one of London’s many museums.

“Of course, the British Museum is one of the best, but I think the Natural History Museum is my favourite because of all the wonderful things on display and the things that you can learn about the history of the world,” Mengjia says.

She says visiting the cultural hubs of London helps keep her in balance with the in-depth world of business analytics.

"It's up to the new generation to change the situation"

Historically, Business Analytics is an industry dominated by men, and this is something that Mengjia hopes to change.

“In industries where there is a lack of women and a lack of women in leadership positions, it’s up to the new generation to try to change the situation,” she says.

“We need to develop more in these industries instead of staying in industries where it’s more traditional for women to be involved.”

And Mengjia believes that female business analysts can make excellent business leaders.

“As a business analyst you need to analyse the business conditions and make decisions about business results … so for women who want to rise towards high-level management, business analytics is a very good channel.

“And some companies are starting to recognise that there aren’t enough women in the industry and are making changes.”

Among Mengjia’s greatest inspirations is her older sister, who is currently studying at one of America’s most respected universities, Columbia University.

“My sister studies the petroleum industry, where there are not many women at all – in fact, she was the only female in her class,” Mengjia says.

“She was the one who encouraged me to study data and be involved with the digital world, even though it is currently a male-dominated industry.”

As an undergraduate, Mengjia studied a double-major at the China University of Petroleum.

With degrees in English Literature and International Economics and Trade she made the decision to live and study in the British capital.

Studying in the heart of London

“London is an amazing city, it’s an international finance and business centre with a lot of multi-national and listed companies based here,” she says.

“Working in London will give me the chance to cooperate with some very famous companies, so it’s a great chance for me to broaden my horizons and improve myself.”

Mengjia says it was her drive for consistent self-improvement that made her want to be involved with the Global Women’s Leadership Programme.

She says organising activities and events focussed on women’s leadership enables those involved to network, learn about each other and how to improve their leadership skills.

Programme is ideal platform for ambitious women

“It’s an excellent platform for ambitious women and the networks that it gives me access to will open a lot of doors for me.”

“I think being here in London and being part of this Programme will help me get the job I want within the business analytics industry and give me the confidence to rise to a senior position within the company.

“It is a very exciting time for women in business, and definitely for female business analysts so I’m looking forward to putting everything I’ve learned on my master’s course and from my time with the Global Women’s Leadership Programme into practice.”

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