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Schools and Colleges Liaison

Widening Participation

WP gives young people an insight into what it is like to study at university and where these studies might lead.  It raises students' aspirations, shows them how higher education could help them realise their ambition and supports them in reaching their potential.


Our activities are targeted at students in London state school students who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • They are from families where there is no previous history of parental higher education
  • They are from under represented groups (e.g. white working class males, some BME students)
  • They are from low income backgrounds or low participation neighbourhoods
  • They are Looked After Children or Care Leavers
  • They are disabled

What do we do?

We deliver a variety of activities throughout the year, including:

  • Maths and English tutoring
  • School visits to City from Year 6 - Year 12
  • 1:1 Careers Guidance interviews delivered by our fully qualified careers advisers
  • Careers and progression talks in school
  • Careers advisers and City students who can speak at parents events at schools
  • A wide range of City Masterclasses and Taster Weeks including Engineering, Business, Law, Health, Psychology and Music

Click on the publications below to find out more about our programmes!

Primary Schools 
Secondary Schools

Comments from Young People

I always wanted to go to uni, but was unsure what to expect. Now I am more willing to go.

It helped me to realise that Maths is not really that hard.

It was really good and informative. If anything it made me more excited about going to university.