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Widening Participation

WP Outreach Update

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the Widening Participation Outreach Team cancelled all face to face and on campus delivery due to take place in the summer of 2020.

What Now?

Whilst working towards the reintroduction of on-campus events and in-person delivery, we are careful and clear this can only be achieved when measures to ensure the safety of all those who attend are securely in place.  Until this is possible the team are working hard, planning new activities and models of delivery for 20/21, we remain committed to empowering underrepresented learners to access and succeed in higher education and have set out the following to achieve this:

WP Outreach Blog

We have developed an online accessible content hub to support young people to learn more about university, what it is like to be a student, gain the knowledge and skills they need to make well informed decisions about their education and navigate their future. The blog can be accessed here and is updated regularly with new features.  If there is something specific you would like us to cover in a future post please email us with your request.

Careers information and guidance

Our careers adviser is on hand to answer questions, deliver remote careers interviews and online careers sessions to schools and colleges.  If you are a member of staff at one of our key schools wanting to arrange careers advice or IAG sessions, please email our careers adviser for further information on how we can help.

Learning Packs

We deliver Key Stage specific learning resource packs to schools and food banks so they can reach the families and young people most impacted by digital poverty. If you are an organisation based in Islington or a neighbouring borough and would like more information please email us directly to discuss.


We are exploring opportunities for safe in-person and online tutoring with local target schools to support attainment in maths and English, for more information please contact us here.

The following will also be useful for schools and students interested in higher education:

  • visit our online course developed in partnership with AccessHE to support student research into degree and university choice
  • ask students and staff questions about studying at City
  • register for online events for students interested in learning more about City and the application process.

For information on the provision and support we can provide to you and your students and to discuss working with us remotely, on campus or on your school site in person, please contact

Empowering underrepresented learners to access and succeed in higher education.

City’s WP Outreach Team runs a wide range of programmes aimed at developing learners who are well informed, have realistic expectations about higher education, understand how to achieve their goals and have the grades, confidence and resilience to succeed.

Our dedicated and committed staff will work with you to deliver a programme of exciting, engaging and creative activities to meet the needs of your students.

Who do we work with?

City Outreach activities are targeted to reach those who will most benefit, and where we can have the greatest impact. Focusing on our London location we work in schools with a high proportion of leaners from deprived backgrounds and with lower than expected rates of progression into higher education. Students who participate in our activities need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Learners on free school meals/ Pupil premium students
  • First generation into higher education
  • Those with disabilities, learning differences and mental health issues
  • Care experienced young people
  • Those estranged from their families
  • Young carers
  • Refugees
  • Mature students

What we do?

  • Maths and English tutoring for primary, secondary and post-16 pupils
  • Maths GCSE revision days
  • City Campus visits
  • Subject insight days for primary schools (Spotlight days) and 6th formers/college students (Masterclasses)
  • University Taster weeks including Business, Health, STEM, Psychology and Law
  • One to one careers guidance interview
  • Information, advice and guidance workshops including programmes aimed at mature learners
  • Mentoring for sixth former and college students
  • Snapshot higher education transition week for BTEC students
  • Start@City pre-induction programme for targeted WP UG students

You can find out more information about our programmes in the brochures below:

Comments from Young People

I always wanted to go to uni, but was unsure what to expect. Now I am more willing to go.

It helped me to realise that Maths is not really that hard.

It was really good and informative. If anything it made me more excited about going to university.

Privacy Notice and GDPR

City, University of London delivers a wide range of widening participation outreach activities with young people from local schools and colleges. Our programmes aim to empower underrepresented learners to access and succeed in higher education and are part of City’s vision to ensure our students gain the most from our investment in their success.  We are committed to providing sustained and personalised support empowering individual success from primary education right through to entry into business and the professions.

Why do we collect data?

Why do we collect data? We collect information on everyone who takes part in our activities and we use this data to help:

  • Ensure we are reaching the right learners
  • Plan future activities
  • To evaluate the impact of our programmes both in the short term and longer term
  • City’s commitment to widening access is laid out in our Access and Participation Plan which is overseen by the Office for Students, previously this was the Access Agreement and the Office of Fair Access.
We collect this data under the legal basis ‘Public Task’ as set out in GDPR under article 6(1)e: “Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller”.

What do we collect?

  • Full name*
  • Date of birth*
  • Address
  • Postcode*
  • Contact details for parents/carers/young people*
  • School or college attended
  • Gender*
  • Ethnicity*
  • Disability* and access information
  • Looked after young people/care leavers*
  • 1st Generation to attend HEI*
  • Free school meal/pupil premium data*
  • Evaluation data
  • Current course of study
  • School/college attended
  • Predicted and achieved attainment data (only for specific tutored subjects)

How do we collect the data?

Data is collected from a number of sources depending on the nature of the activity or programme, methods of collection are:

  • Direct from schools or colleges or colleges (group visits, school events, tutoring)
  • Application forms direct from participants (aged 13 years and over)
  • Direct from parents through application or monitoring forms
  • Direct from participants on evaluation forms (aged 13 years and over)

What do we do with the data we collect and how to we store it securely?

What do we do with the data we collect and how to we store it securely? For the duration of the programme information on participants is stored in password protected Excel spreadsheets accessible only by WP Outreach team members, the information is used to:

  • Recruit and select learners for events
  • Assess learners eligibility to attend WP Outreach events (in-line with WP targeting criteria)
  • Communicate with learners about the events, times, location etc.
  • At the end of each academic year all spreadsheets are deleted.
* This information is also recorded on the Higher Education Access Tracker (, a secure online portable managed by the University of Kent.  This data is used to analyse, evaluate and monitor the impact of WP outreach activities and to ensure we are reaching the target learners.  Learner’s progress is tracked to investigate longitudinal impact on attainment, progression and social mobility. ** All personal information is removed and feedback is retained for evaluation purposes.

Who to contact about your information and City?

Any questions regarding the data we hold on you can be directed to or by calling the WP Outreach Team on 020 7040 4242. You have the right to access a copy of the data held on you by us and you also have the right to object to your data being retained.  Please contact with your request or call 020 7040 4242 to discuss in more detail. You can also contact City’s Data Protection Officer directly at